Ebitcam For PC, Windows 10 & Mac – Free Download

Get to learn the easiest and the fastest way to download and configure Ebitcam For PC. With Ebitcam, you can directly view the live footage of your security cameras without any delay. Most CCTV cameras have a delay of 5s to 10s. However, Ebitcam has the power to view the security footage of your IP Camera instantly.

Download Ebitcam For PC (Windows)

The official software of Ebitcam is added in the download link given below. Moreover, I have provided the complete installation method of this software in the article below. Make sure you read the article till the end because there are some important steps that you should know about.

Ebitcam For Windows

Ebitcam On Mac

Ebitcam is providing the official software of its software on Mac OS devices. Free Download Ebitcam On PC (Mac) on any version of Mac OS. Moreover, this Client software of Ebitcam is lightweight and consumes very little power from the PC. Download Ebitcam on Mac from the link provided below.

Ebitcam For Mac

Ebitcam On Android

This company has also created an application for smartphone users. Free Download Ebitcam on Android OS directly from the Google Play Store. The provided link will take you to the Google Play Store, from there you can download the Ebitcam Android application.

Ebitcam For Android OS

Ebitcam On iOS

This is a multiplatform application that is also available on iOS and iPad OS. If you open the provided link on an iPhone then you will download the app for iOS. Furthermore, if you open the same link on an iPad, then you will download the app for iPadOS. This app is free to download on iOS and iPad OS.

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Ebitcam For iPhone & iPad

The Installation Method Of Ebitcam On PC

Download the Ebitcam software file from the download button given above. Make sure that you download the correct files according to your operating system. Now extract the setup file of Ebitcam by using the Windows extraction tool or any other third-party extraction tool.

Now double click on the Ebitcam setup file to start the installation, the Ebitcam setup will open, click on the Next button to continue

Ebitcam For PC

Select the location where you want to install the setup file of Ebitcam.

Installation Method Of Ebitcam

The installation of Ebitcam will begin, wait for the installation to complete.

Installation Method Of Ebitcam

Once the setup wizard completes the installation process, click on the Finish button.

Ebitcam For PC

Registration of Ebitcam For PC CMS Client

If you are a new user of Ebitcam, then you have to create a new account. Click on the Sign-up button on the Ebitcam registration page.

Registration of Ebitcam

A new page will open, here enter your Email ID and a unique password, then click on the Sign-Up button.

Ebitcam For PC

Now use your newly created count to log in to the Ebitcam For PC CMS Client software on your PC (Windows or Mac)

Registration of Ebitcam

Add Devices To Ebitcam Client Software

On the Home screen of the Client software, click on the + icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Add Devices To Ebitcam Client Software

A new pop-up window will open, select the type of device that you want to add.

Ebitcam For PC

Enter the device ID or the required information and click on the Next button to link the device with the Client software.

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Add Devices To Ebitcam Client Software

Live View Of Ebitcam CMS

After adding the device, open the home screen of the Ebitcam Client software. Now double click on the added device to preview its live footage. Moreover, additional functions will appear when you move the mouse over the live view.

Live View Of Ebitcam CMS

This is all about Ebitcam For PC. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting CCTVTeam. If you have any questions regarding this CMS Client software, then ask in the comment section below.

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