Eufy Security For PC, Windows XP-10 & Mac – Free Download

Get Eufy Security For PC, Eufy is the world’s most popular security product manufacturer. All the products offered by this brand are full of innovative new features and technology. Get access to the latest technology in products and find the best security solution for your home, office, warehouse, and other places.

Find every single detail relating to Eufy Security from this article. Moreover, Eufy is offering a vast collection of security products including all types of CCTV cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and different security software. Users can find the best security products and deals on products from the official website of “Eufylife”.

Installation And Configuration Of Eufy Security For PC

The method explained below will make you understand the complete installation and the configuration of the Eufy Security CMS. Before going with the method, Make sure that your Station Device is connected with the router and the device is also connected with a power supply. Furthermore, there are two methods to get Eufy Security For PC. In the first method, we are going to use the BlueStacks Emulator to download the Android application of Eufy offered by Anker.

Eufy Security For PC

Method 1: Use An Android Emulator To Install and configure Eufy App

First of all, download an Android emulator on your Windows or Mac PC. I recommend you to download one Android emulator from the following top three emulators. Download BlueStacks emulator, Nox App Player, or MeMu Play. Install the emulator and provide the method explained below. Moreover, You can follow the same method on your Android device if you wish to go with the second method.

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Installation method

  • Run the emulator software on your Windows or Mac device and open the Google Play Store.
  • User the search bar and search for Eufy.
  • Click on the install button to get the Eufy App on your PC using an emulator.

Sign up / Configuration

  • Open the Eufy Application on the emulator.
  • Click on the Sign-Up button.

Installation And Configuration Of Eufy Security

  • You will be asked to provide.
    • Email Address.
    • Unique Password.
    • A NickName (this will be used by the AI to interact with you)

Installation And Configuration Of Eufy Security

  • Agree to the Terms and conditions by check-marking the option.
  • Click on the Sign-Up button.

Add Devices

After signing up you will be prompted to add other users to access your device. The added users will have the option to modify and make changes to the configuration. So select your companions carefully.

Add Devices

Here comes the tricky part, the method to add devices. First, press the Sync button on the Station Device to activate the syncing process. The Station Device will say “Homebase is ready for setup”

Add Devices

Now, wait for the Station Device light to turn white from red color.

Station Device light to turn white from red color

Now select the type of device, that you want to add. All CCTV products offered by Eufy are available here.

select the type of device

After selection press and hold the Sync button on the CCTV camera for 2-3 seconds. Now you have to click the next button on the emulator screen.

press and hold the Sync button

Now your device is ready and can be used for viewing the live footage.

Eufy Security For PC

After completing its process, mount the CCTV cameras carefully. The mounting tips are also provided in the article, so keep reading to learn more regarding Eufy Security For PC.

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Live View

Open the home screen of the application on the emulator. Select the Live View option and you will be able to see the live view of all cameras added by you on the software.

Eufy Security For PC

Method 2: Use the Web App of Eufy

Follow all the procedures explained in the first method till live view on your Android smartphone. If you want you can also use the emulator by it will be a waste of time. The main reason behind using the Android app is to create an account and configure all of your cameras.

Use the given link you visit the official login page of Eufy. Here enter the login details that you have created on the Android application and click on the Login button.

Login To Eufy Security Web

The main view of the screen will open, here you can see all the added cameras. Select the camera and view the Live Footage on a big screen.

Eufy Security For PC

 Tips To Remember Before Mounting CCTV Cameras

If you’re mounting your CCTV cameras yourself instead of calling a professional. Then here are some of the tips that you have to remember before mounting a CCTV camera.

  • The distance between the floor and the CCTV camera must not exceed 10 feet.
  • If there is a reflection of glass or any other object, then change the mounting location.
    • Extreme reflection on CCTV cameras can damage the camera device.
  • The camera device must not be mounted behind glass.
  • Cameras must be mounted under a shade, not in direct sunlight. (for best results)
  • The mounted cameras must stay out of reach. (Children & Adults)
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Features Of Eufy Security For PC

Here are some of the features of Eufy Security For PC.

  • The interface is very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Built-in two was a talking feature.
    • Talk with the delivery guy.
    • Talk with visiting people.
    • Warn intruders and make them run away.
  • Mode selecting.
    • At home mode.
    • Away Mode.
  • Users can schedule mode according to their work routines.
  • Option to record an event separately on your device or send it directly via email or social apps.
  • Capture snaps shots.
  • Bookmark events for easy and quick access.
  • Playback videos directly on your PC.
  • Motion sensors with alarms.
  • Silent alarm for devices option.
  • Push notification of alarm and motion detection.

Hope-so you can take advantage of this article and learned about Eufy Security For PC. Thank you for your time, and keep supporting CCTV Team.

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