VMS Guide: Install & Configure Guard Viewer for PC [Windows & Mac]

This article presents a fully detailed solution to use Guard Viewer for PC. Users can use a VMS that is specifically designed to help UniView consumers. So they can watch the live streams on their computer without paying a single dollar. Even manage and control multiple surveillance devices with ease.

How Do I Use Guard Viewer for PC

To benefit from Guard Viewer for PC, you are requested to assist with a UniView VMS. A good thing is that such VMS is available for both Windows & Mac operating systems. Further, you can also benefit from Guard Viewer App for PC by implying an unofficial method that I’ve written right after the VMS guide.

Download VMS

Windows OS Mac OS
10/8/7 or later 8.0 or later
At least 3GB RAM At least 3GB RAM
14MB Disk Space 14MB Disk Space

Download Guard Viewer for Windows

Download Guard Viewer for Mac

VMS Installation

  • From the welcome interface of the installation wizard, click on NextGuard Viewer for PC
  • Make the appropriate selection of VMS and folder destinationScreenshot 5 12
  • After selecting the nature of VMS, hit InstallGuard Viewer for Windows
  • Allow VMS to extract the package and install it peacefullyScreenshot 7 14
  • Once the Setup Wizard is completed, click on FinishGuard Viewer for Mac

Guard Viewer Login

After completing the setup installation, users are required to perform a Guard Viewer Login. For that, they can use the default username and password i.e: admin and 12345. After entering the default account credentials into the perspective fields, click on the Login button to proceed.Guard Viewer Login

Device Configuration

  • From the home page of the VMS, go to the Device Management tabGuard Viewer Configuration
  • Click on the Add button to proceed.Screenshot 11 15
  • Now enter the required device details to complete the configuration process.Screenshot 12 13
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Guard Viewer – Live Footage

  • Navigate back to the control panel and click on Live ViewGuard Viewer - Live Footage
  • Now the live view of configured devices will be shown inside the right pane.Screenshot 14 9

Guard Viewer App for PC (Alternative Solution)

To benefit from Guard Viewer App for PC, users are requested to benefit from Android emulators. Because it’s the only way of using the smartphone app’s services on Windows & Mac computers. And, try getting a third-party program that can be trusted & used without having to perform any complicated configuration process.Guard Viewer App for PC

For your sake, use BlueStacks App Player. Because this program is free to use and doesn’t harm a user’s device. It works on both Windows & Mac operating systems and you can get it from an official source. After getting its raw file, install it and launch it to benefit from Google Play Services on PC.

FAQs About Guard Viewer

Q) What Is Guard Viewer?

A) Guard Viewer helps users access live feeds of cameras remotely. It comes with a bunch of beneficial services like QR-Code scan, video playback, PTZ Control, etc. So it can be used to view all the live feeds from Uniview surveillance devices that are configured. The configuration process can be done manually by adding the desired devices details.

Q) How Do I Change Password on Guard Viewer?

A) From the home interface of Guard Viewer, navigate to the Menu. Now click on your profile icon and hit Change Password. Afterward, enter your desired password and confirm your admin privileges. Once the app has confirmed that the admin is making changes, it will perform the perspective operation instantly.

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Q) Can I Add Camera Feeds To Favorites?

A) Yes, users are allowed to add cam feeds to favorites by following a simple procedure. From the menu of Guard Viewer for PC, navigate to Favorites. Now click on the Add button and enter the name of your desired camera. Afterward, click on the Edit button and select a cam feed. At last, click on the Save button to save previously made changes.

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