How To Download HeimLife for PC [Windows 10/8/7/Mac]

The following post presents multiple ways to Download HeimLife for PC. I’ll introduce you to two solutions required to benefit from this application on your computer. So you can watch the live streams without having to pay any additional charges. And complete the task of viewing live feeds on your PC using a CMS or emulator.

How Do I Use HeimLife for PC

A CMS that assists you in viewing live footage is named EseeCloud. Gladly, that CMS is available for both Windows & Mac operating systems. Else, you can also use an Android emulator to benefit from HeimLife App for PC. So first, I’ll talk about the CMS procedure and then help you learn ways to configure & view real-time videos on your computer.

Download HeimLife

Windows OS Mac OS
10/8/7 or later 8.0 or later
3GB RAM or above 3GB RAM or above
300MB Disk Space 350MB Disk Space

Download HeimLife for Windows

Download HeimLife for Mac

CMS Installation

  • On the first interface of the CMS installation wizard, click on I AgreeHeimLife for PC
  • Select an installation and media recording pathScreenshot 3 9
  • After clicking on the Install button, wait for a couple of secondsHeimLife for Windows
  • Now check the Run CMS checkbox and hit FinishHeimLife for Mac

HeimLife Login

After completing the installation procedure, you’ll be directed towards the login page. From there, you need to use the default username as “admin” and leave the password field blank. Now click on the Login button to complete the HeimLife Login process. You can also perform a Login Cloud from the same interface.HeimLife Login

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Device Configuration & Live View

  • Click on the +Add button to start the configuration method.HeimLife Configuration
  • Now enter the details of desired surveillance devices and click on FinishScreenshot 8 17
  • Afterward, start viewing the live feeds from configured devices.HeimLife Live View

HeimLife App for PC [Alternative Solution]

Individuals do have the option of using an Android emulator to download the HeimLife App for PC. They can use such programs to emulate android OS, to benefit from any Android application on a computer. A good thing about such emulators is that they don’t ask you to complete any complicated configuration process.

HeimLife App for PC

One of the best emulators in the market is BlueStacks. Users can use this emulator to emulate Android OS on Windows or Mac operating systems. It runs perfectly and provides a lag-free experience. You can get its raw file from a trusted source and install it by following the onscreen prompts. Afterward, launch the emulator and open Google Play Store inside it.

FAQs About HeimLife

Q) What Is HeimLife?

A)┬áHeimLife is presented to help users access remote video surveillance services. It is developed to help individuals who can’t stay at home 24/7 and wish to claim security even when not around. The app’s developed for the safety of people and to decrease the rate of burglary activities. So people can stay safe and protect their households without having to hire security guards.

Q) Is HeimLife Safe?

A) No need to worry about your privacy while using HeimLife for PC. Because every account’s details are encrypted with step-by-step 256-bit encryption. So no hacker or third-party user can access it. Further, users are requested to use strong passwords that no one else could judge. That’s one one of protecting the private camera feeds from getting into the wrong hands.

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Q) How To Reset HeimVision Camera?

A) Get the reset pin and insert it in the reset camera hole that’s present on the backside of the cam. Keep pressing the reset pin for about 5 seconds, until you hear a beeping sound. After hearing the beeping sound, you’ll have to re-configure your camera device into the CMS, to watch its live feeds.

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