Free Imou Life for PC Download, Windows 11/10/8/7 & macOS 11/12

CCTV Clients! Are you looking for a good household-level CMS? You must try Imou Life for PC. This App is easing the life of housewives and as well as those parents who both work together. They have to leave their kids alone at home with some maid or babysitter. Still, they want to keep eye on their babies, children, etc. What they can do? I think no one can give a better answer than us.

Install a DIY Camera setup at home and get connected with home through Imou Life for PC. No matter, where you are if you have internet, you can easily keep an eye at home. Or, even you can use this app for small size offices.

Check the minimum requirements to install KBONE for PC and other devices.

To run Imou Life on Windows;

  1. Must have installed Windows 7 SP1 or above versions.
  2. Minimum Processor should be intel Core i3 or above.
  3. This tool requires 3 GB of RAM on Windows.
  4. 150 MB of free space is required

To run Imou Life on Android;

  1. Users must have Android 5.0
  2. Minimum Processor should be Android Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.
  3. 3 GB of RAM on an Android Smartphone.
  4. Just 93 MB of space on Android phones.

Imou Life on iOS/iPadOS;

  1. iOS 10 or above version on their iPhone or iPad.
  2. The minimum Processor should be A13 Bionic for Apple or above.
  3. This tool requires 3 GB of RAM on an iPhone or iPad.
  4.  Variable space on the iPhone.

What is Imou Life?

Imou Life App is specially created for Imou cameras, doorbells, detectors, NVR, and other smart IoT products, committed to creating a secure, simple, and smart life for everyone.

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Download Links

Here are the download Links of Imou Life for PC and other compatible devices. Download the Google Drive file on Windows PC.

Download for PC Cloud Download for Android Download for iPhone
  • Switch to mini card mode for clearer device display
  • Create groups of devices to easily monitor together
  • Alarm message displayed on the homepage
  • Use the search box to quickly find your device.
  • Watch live view or recorded playback from anywhere
  • Real-time communication via two-way talk
  • Turn on the built-siren or spotlight to warn off intruders

How to Download Imou Life for PC?

  1. After downloading and running Imou Life setup on PC, the software starter pack will appear. Click on the Install Now on the Imou Life first Windows. imou life App for PC
  2. The software will take few minutes to get installed completely. After installation click on the Experience Now button.imou life for PC
  3. First, you need to register on Imou Life App. Enter the account name and password which you want to keep to access the live surveillance. Click on the register button after entering credentials.imou life for PC
  4. Now you have to fill up some important details such as Region, Account, Verification Code, Password. Check “I Agree” box and then click on the “I Register” button.imou life for PC
  5. Now it’s time to use the Imou Life App for PC. Enter your login details which you set previously. imou life for PC
  6. Allow Access to the Imou Life App to bypass the Windows Defender Security Firewall. imou life for PC
  7. Click on the Add Device button to add the cameras that are connected at your home or office. imou life for PC
  8. Now you are ready to view the live surveillance through Imou Life App. imou life for PC
  9. That’s how you install and use Imou Life for PC. Now, we are going to suggest an alternative to Imou Life For macOS.
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Now we are mentioning the alternative to Imou Life for MacOS. Because this tool is not compatible with Macintosh operating systems.

Here the alternatives go Imou Life for macOS.

Download HeimLink for PC Free Windows 7/8/10/11 or Mac OS

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