PnV2 For PC, Windows & Mac – Free Download 2021

Download PnV2 For PC CMS Client. This software is one of the most popular and the best CMS Client for viewing security footage of different CCTV Camera brands. This software is free to download, you can find different CMS software for the Windows platform and the Mac OS platform respectively.

Download PnV2 For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7, & XP)

You can download PnV2 For the Windows OS platform from this article without any hassle. Moreover, I have added the complete installation and configuration method of PnV2 CMS. Additionally, you will find all the required and vital information regarding PnV2 software. Use the link given below to download PnV2 CMS Client Software.

PnV2 For Windows

Download CMS Client Of PnV2 For Mac (Mojave and later)

The Client software of PnV2 is officially available for Mac OS users. I have provided the official software of PnV2 software for Mac uses. Moreover, you can download it from the link given below. Also, the installation method is almost the same for Windows OS and Mac OS. So read the installation method for both operating systems.

PnV2 For Mac

Installation Method Of PnV2 Client Software (Windows & Mac)

I have explained the installation method in easy steps. Download the respected file for your operating system and unzip it to extract the setup of PnV2. First, open the setup file by double-clicking on it, the setup installation wizard will open. Now follow the method explained below to install PnV2 Software On PC.

Installation Method (Windows & Mac)

  • The install wizard will ask you to select the system language of the PnV2 For PC Client software.
  • A new Windows will open, read the Terms and Conditions carefully, If you agree then Check the I accept option and click on the Next button.
  • The Install wizard will ask you to select the location for the installation. You can modify it by clicking on the Browse button. Or you can use the default location i.e C:\Program File/ PnV2. I suggest you use the default location because it is more secure than other drives.
  • After the selection click on the Next button.
  • The installation process will start, wait for the installation of the PnV2 software to complete. Don’t interrupt the software while installing it, or the installation will not complete successfully.
  • When the installation completes, the final page will open, here check the Launch Software option and click on the Finish button.
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Log-in To PnV2

The login screen will appear on your desktop. Enter the default username and default password, then click on the Login button.

Default Username: admin.

Default Password: 123456

PnV2 For PC

A new window will appear, here you can add an extra layer of security i.e Encryption protection. To add encryption security you have to fill in three questions and answers. In case you forgot the Password of the CMS Client Software, these questions and answers will help you regain access to the CMS. Click on the Ok button to continue.

Log-in To PnV2

Moreover, you can skip this step, but there will be no way to restore your account password if you forgot it. Other than that, there will be no encryption protection on your CMS Client software.

Add Devices

The home screen of the PnV2 For PC Client will open, here you will see multiple options. Look for the Resource management option and click on Add, Edit, and Delete device option.

PnV2 For PC

The device manager will open, click on the Add button to start adding devices to the CMS Software.

Add Devices

Quick Add

Open the Quick Add option and click on the refresh button. The list of devices will refresh and will show all the devices on the same network. Select the device on the same network by checking the boxes next to them. Now click on the Ok button to quickly add devices.

Quick Add

Manually Add

Open the Manually add option, select the method that you want to use for adding devices. Now enter the information of the device that you want to add and click on the Test button. If the connection is successful the Online status will appear in the Status column. If the connection was not made, then disconnected will appear in the Status column.

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Quick AddQuick Add

Live View

Get the live view of all added devices from the home screen of the PnV2 For PC software. Just select the live view option and start watching the security footage. The left pane contains the list of all added devices. On the right pane, you will see the live view of the selected devices.

PnV2 For PC

Features Of PnV2 CMS (Mac & Windows)

  • Real-time view.
  • Centralized recording.
  • Remote Playback options.
  • Local Playback.
  • Motion detection with alarms and notifications.
  • Supports up to 256 camera devices.
  • Free CMS Client.

Hope-so you can take advantage of this article and learned about PnV2 For PC. Thank you for your time, and keep supportingĀ CCTV Team.

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