Xeoma For PC – Windows, Mac, & Linux – 2021 Free Download

Xeoma For PC is a multi-platform software that is available for Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux OS, iOS, iPad OS, and Android. Users can also get Xeoma For Windows (32-bit & 64-bit), Xeoma For Mac (32-bit & 64-bit), and Xeoma For Linux (32-bit & 64-bit) software. Get all the vital information regarding this CMS Client software in this article.

Xeoma is a smart video surveillance software with many benefits for users. This company has created many CMS Client software for every type of user. You can get the free version of Xeoma For PC, without ads from here. However, there is a trial version for testing the premium version. You can also get your hands on the commercial version of this software for any budget.

This CMS Client software comes with a very easy-to-use interface, Flexible settings, Amazing services, and some professional premium functions. Moreover, I have also added the complete installation and configuration method of the Xeoma CMS Client. You can read the elaborated method with step-by-step screenshots for easy installation of Xeoma software.

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Download Xeoma For PC (Windows)

Here is have added both versions of Xeoma For Windows. So you can easily download the respected software depending on your Windows Operating System. Moreover, the added file of Xeoma is compressed in a zip folder. Extract the software setup file without and hassle by using Windows built-in extraction tool for free.

Xeoma For Windows (32-bit)

Xeoma For Windows (64-bit)

Xeoma For Mac OS

This software is officially available for Mac OS. Users can also download both versions of this software on their Mac OS devices. Free download 32-bit or 64-bit software for your Mac devices. Moreover, the installation method explained below is for Windows OS. However, you guys can also follow it because the procedure is almost the same.

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Xeoma For Mac (32-bit)

Xeoma For Mac (64-bit)

Xeoma For Linux

Xeoma has also created the CMS Client software for Linux operating system. There are very free CCTV companies that provide Client services for Linux OS. The files provided in the download buttons below are also compressed, so extract them to get your hands on the setup file. I have not added the installation method for the Linux system, so I hope you guys can do it yourself.

Xeoma For Linux (32-bit)

Xeoma For Linux (64-bit)

Xeoma For Smartphones (iOS & Android)

You can get the Xeoma application on your smartphones also. Free download the Xeoma app on your Android and iOS devices without any hassle. The provided links will take you to Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively. Select the link according to your smart device OS.

Xeoma For Android

Xeoma For iOS

Installation Method Of Xeoma CMS Client

Here is the complete installation method of Xeoma For PC. The following method is for Windows operating system, Mac users can also follow this method to install the Xeoma CMS Client. Without taking any more time let’s begin with the installation of Xeoma Client software.

Installation of Xeoma CMS Client

Open the setup file of Xeoma that you have extracted from the compressed zip folder. Double click on the setup file to start the procedure. Before the procedure starts, the Windows Security Alert will pop up. Windows Firewall has stopes some functions of this Client Software. Checkmark the option shown below and click on the Allow Access button.

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Xeoma For PC

The installation window will now pop open. Click on ” Click here to install the program” to start the installation process.

Installation of Xeoma CMS Client

A new window will open, here select the installation location or use the default location i.e C:\User\Public\Documents\Xeoma. Now click on the Ok button with a tick sign s shown below.

Installation of Xeoma CMS Client

Now the installation will begin, with for the installation to complete. Moreover, the screen will automatically redirect you to the next screen, when the installation is complete.

Installation of Xeoma CMS Client

Server Login

The login window will open automatically, enter the Username, Password, Server location, and port number to continue. Click on the Ok button to move to the next step.

Server Login

Add Device

The Xeoma For PC CMS Client will automatically locate and add the devices on the same network. Moreover, if you want to add other devices then you can use the manual method. Click on the “+” sign and then select the preferred method to dd devices to the Xeoma For PC Client software.

Xeoma For PC

Click on the preferred method to add devices. A new window will open, here enter the information of your device to add them to the Client software. Click on the Ok button with the tick sign to add devices.

Add Device

Live View

To view the live view on this application, open the home screen.

Live View

Features of Xeoma

  • Recognition of license plates, faces, age, emotions, and gender.
  • Recognition of objects and sounds.
  • Detection of items in the camera view.
  • Detection of medical masks on people in the view.
  • Xeoma can easily count visitors.
  • PTZ tracking & Auto-tracking.
  • Screen capture.
  • Heat map.
  • Floor plans.
  • Integration with cash registers on shops.
  • Cloud service.
  • Unlimited number of servers for users.
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This is all regarding Xeoma For PC. For queries, comment in the comment section below. Keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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