Zosi App For PC & Mac – Free Download 2021

Zosi App For PC is designed for viewing the security footage and also modifying the camera’s devices. This CMS Client software can be downloaded on your PC without any hassle. Afterward, you can use this Client software for managing and viewing surveillance footage and CCTV cameras of all types.

This CMS Client software comes with many advanced features and functions. Moreover, Zosi App comes with an AI system that is also very advanced. Without the help of n advanced AI, every CMS Client software is useless. Because the main function of these AI is to provide an extra layer of security. Especially when it comes to motion detection and sound detection.

Download Zosi App For PC

The links provided below will allow you to download the official software of the Zosi App On PC. Zosi App is available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, iPad OS, and Android. Additionally, the downloaded software is compressed and you have to extract the software by using an extraction tool preferable official Windows extraction tool.

Zosi App For Windows

Zosi App For Mac

Zosi App For Android

Zosi App For iOS

Zosi App For iPad OS

Installation Of Zosi App (Windows & Mac)

The provided method is for the installation of the Zosi App For Windows. However, the software is the same for Mac OS users. So you can follow the installation method given below to install Zosi App on your Windows and Mac system. Here is the complete installation and configuration of the Zosi App.

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Installation Process Of Zosi CMS Client

Open the unzipped folder to access the setup file of the Zosi App. Double click on the setup file to initiate the installation process. The AVSS 1.7.1 setup will open. Click on the Next button to proceed.

Zosi App For PC

The setup will install AVSS 1.7.1 in the default folder that is C:\Progrm Files (x86)\AVSS. You also have the option to change the installation location by clicking on the Browse button. Moreover, 123.5 MB of free space is required to install Zosi App For PC. Now click on the Install button.

Installation Process Of Zosi CMS Client

This installation of the CMS Client will start, when the installation of the Zosi App to complete and then click on the Finish button. Make sure to checkmark the Run AVSS 1.7.1 option before clicking 0n the Finish button.

Installation Process Of Zosi CMS Client

Registration And Log in

The Login screen of the Zosi App will open. If you have an account then your information to log in. If not then, click on Register Immediately option.

Registration And Log in

The Web Browser on your PC will open, this will direct you to the Zosi Registration page. Here enter your Email address and click on the Get Code option. An email will be sent to your email address counting the code. copy that code and paste it in the Authcode option.

Registration And Log in

Create a unique password for the Zosi CMS Client, verify the password, and agree to the terms and conditions. Now click on the Register button.

Add Devices To Zosi App

Once the registration is completed, use the new credentials to log in to the Zosi CMS Client.

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Add Devices To Zosi App

The home screen of the Zosi App will open, here look for the Control panel on the right top corner of the screen. Click on it, a new menu will appear, from this menu select Device Management. Now click on Add Device option to set adding devices to the Zosi CMS Client.

Zosi App For PC

Now enter the information of the device that you want to add to the Zosi App For PC and click on the Save option.

Live View

Now open the home screen of the CMS Client. From the left top corner of the screen, click on the Live option. Now you will be able to see the live view of all camera devices. From the left pane click on the Device List option to see all the added devices in the Zosi App For PC Client app. Select the device to see the full screen view.

Zosi App For PC

This is all regarding Zosi App, Thank You for your time, and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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