Bawcon For PC, Windows 11 & Mac – Free Download

Bawcon For PC is a Client software that allows the user to securely view the security footage. Gain access to the CCTV system installed on your house, office, and site by using the Bawcon Client application. Here in this article, you will find the official Client software of  Bawcon for Mac and Windows.

How To Download Bawcon For PC

If you want to get the official Client software of Bawcon. Then you don’t have to go anywhere. I have provided the complete software files in this article. Just read the article till the end to download Bawcon and to learn the complete installation and configuration method of the Client software.

Get Bawcon On Windows

Free Download Bawcon CMS Client software on your Windows system. This CMS Client software can be installed on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows, 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Moreover, the size of this Client software is almost 80MB in the compressed zip folder.

Free Download Bawcon For Windows

Get Bawcon On Mac

The Bawcon Client App is also available to download on Mac OS devices. This is the official Mac Client software and can be download on Mac OS X and later versions. Moreover, the software is kept in a compressed zip folder, the user has to extract the setup file to install Bawcon Client on Mac.

Free Download Bawcon For Mac

Bawcon On Android

Bawcon App is also available to download on Android devices. The first Bawcon application was removed from the Google Play Store. However, the developers have changed the name of the app and have again uploaded it to the Google Play Store. I have provided the Current Play Store app in the download button appearing below.

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Bawcon For Android

Bawcon On iPhone And iPad

The same thing happened with the Bawcon app on the Apple App Store. However, the newly named Bawcon app has been added to the Apple App Store. Just click on the link below with an iPhone to download it on an iPhone. Or click on the given link with an iPad to get the iPad app.

Bawcon For iPhone And iPad

How To Install Bawcon CMS Client (Windows & Mac)

First, extract the setup file from the zip folder of Bawcon. Afterward, double click on the setup files to start the installation process of Bawcon For PC.

Bawcon For PC

The installation wizard will open, carefully click on the Next button because the system language is Turkish which is set by default. Users can change the language after the installation process.

Bawcon For PC

The installation wizard will ask you to assign the folder where you want to install the Client software. Use the default location which is in the C folder. Or modify the location by clicking on the Browser option as shown in the image below. Then click on the Next button.

Install Bawcon CMS Client

Now click on the install button, use the images to guide yourself, and click the accurate buttons.

Install Bawcon CMS Client

Now the installation of Bawcon Client software will start.

Install Bawcon CMS Client

Tick mark opens Bawcon and then click on the Finish button.

Install Bawcon CMS Client


First, register your username and password by clicking on the register button on the Bawcon For PC Client app. Once you are registered you can use the same credentials for login proposes.

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Registration to Client

Firewall Protection

Windows Defender Firewall will open, you have to allow access to keep using the application. Checkmark the option appearing in the Firewall popup and then click on the Allow Access button.

Firewall Protection


Now use the same information that you used for the registration. Enter the information on the Login page and gain access to the Client software.

Login to Bawcon

Change System Language

Most users only know the English language so follow the steps given below to change the system language so you can easily understand the interface.

Click on the option circled in the image below.

System Language

A new window will open, here select the language as shown in the image. Then click on the Save option.

Save System Language

Add Devices To Bawcon Client

Open the home screen of the Client Software and click on the Recourse Management to add devices to the CMS Software of Bawcon.

Add Devices To Bawcon Client

The system device manager will open, Click on the manually add option to start adding devices.

Add Devices To Bawcon Client

Enter the information of the device that you want to add, then click on the Save button.

Add Devices To Bawcon Client

Access Live Stream Using Bawcon For PC Client Software

Again open the home screen of the Client software. This time click on the Realtime Video Option.

Bawcon For PC

The live view of the added devices will appear on the screen. Moreover, additional controls of the Client software are on the right side of the screen.

Access Live Stream Using Bawcon

This is all regarding Bawcon For PC. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below. Thank You for your time and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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