Installation & Configuration: MonitorClient for PC [Windows & Mac]

Read the following article to acknowledge ways to use MonitorClient for PC. Here, I have added procedures to help you watch the live streams on your computer. Similarly, I will describe the proper procedure required to configure and connect your cameras. So that you can watch things clearly and control your surveillance devices from a singular machine.

How Do I Use MonitorClient for PC?

There’s a direct download available for the users of MonitorClient for Windows. However, users are required to download MonitorClient for Mac by implementing an unofficial method. So I will explain the two methods individually for Windows & Mac operating systems.

MonitorClient for Windows (Link & Requirements)

  • Windows 11/10/8
  • Intel Core-i3 or above
  • 3GB RAM or above
  • 95MB ROM (HDD or SSD)

MonitorClient Download

Installation Method

  • Launch the MonitorClient Setup file from the downloaded package
  • Browse for folder destination and click on the Next buttonMonitorClient Setup
  • Select the name and destination start menu folderMonitorClient PC Setup
  • Choose where you want to create client shortcuts and hit NextMonitorClient for PC
  • After acknowledging the previously made selections, hit InstallMonitorClient for PC
  • Wait until the installation progress is completedMonitorClient for Windows
  • At last, check the Launch MonitorClient checkbox and hit FinishMonitorClient for Windows

Launching MonitorClient

  • Allow Windows Firewall to launch MonitorClient with full access.MonitorClient Configuration
  • Click on the Add Camera button from the left paneMonitorClient for Mac
  • Now enter the required details and click on the Ok button.MonitorClient Configuration

MonitorClient – Live View

After configuring your desired devices inside the MonitorClient Software, you’ll be allowed to view their live feeds. For that, you need to select the configured cameras from the left pane. After selecting the respective surveillance devices, you’ll be allowed to watch their streams inside the right-sided window.MonitorClient - Live View

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MonitorClient App for PC (Windows & Mac)

An alternative solution to Download MonitorClient for Windows & an unofficial way to use MonitorClient for Mac is to emulate its Android app on PC. A software that could help users complete such a task is an Android emulator. Such software is specifically designed to help users take advantage of Android applications & games on a computer.

One of the best Android emulators is BlueStacks, and users can use it without paying any extra charges. Its services are available to help individuals get straight to the point of attention. Users can benefit from this App Player to get MonitorClient App for PC by launching Google Play Store on it.MonitorClient App for PC

  • Download & Install BlueStacks (Windows or Mac)
  • Launch the emulator and wait until you can view its home interface
  • Now click on the Play Store’s icon and login using a Google ID.
  • Using the play store’s built-in search facility, open HISHARP
  • Install the app just like you do on your Android device
  • Thereafter, hit the open button to use MonitorClient for PC.

FAQs About MonitorClient

Q) What Is MonitorClient?

A) MonitorClient is real-time video monitoring software. It serves in the best interest of users who like to access the live feeds of surveillance cameras remotely. So it can be used to keep an eye on a property 24/7, without having to pay any extra charges to security firms.

Q) Does MonitorClient Support Alarm Notifications?

A) Yes, alarm push notifications are supported by MonitorClient for PC. Users can benefit a lot from such a facility because it allows them to get instant notifications about suspicious activities. Such notifications can also be received via email. Further, consumers can customize the push notifications settings.

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Q) Can MonitorClient Be Used To Record Videos?

A) Individuals can use MonitorClient to record videos on their computer. Because the video playback facility is supported by the Client. The recorded videos are saved inside the selected folder destination. Users can preview the saved videos directly from the software’s interface.

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