Vmobile For PC – Windows 11, Mac, & Linux – Free Download

Are you looking for the Client Software of Vmobile For PC? QVR Pro is the official Client software for Vmobile. The developers of this software have created multiple software for multiple platforms. Find the perfect software according to your operating system from this article.

Free download Vmobile Client and gain access to the live CCTV footage directly from your Android or Apple smartphones, Windows OS, Mac OS, and Ubuntu. Moreover, get in-depth knowledge regarding the Client software. Find the complete installation method, Adding device method, and how you can get the live view using the Client software.

From Where Can I Download Vmobile For PC Client?

The Client software of Vmobile is free to download on any operating system. I have provided the download links according to different operating systems. Find the accurate file for your operating system and download it on your device.

Vmobile For Windows PC

On the Windows platform, the CMS Client software can be downloaded for Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit. Moreover, the files are kept in a compressed zip folder, unzip the file to extract the setup file on your PC.

Vmobile For Windows 32-bit

Vmobile On Windows 64-bit

Vmobile For Mac

Get your hands on the official Mac software of Vmobile. This Client software can be installed on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave or later Mac OS versions.

Vmobile On Mac OS

Vmobile For Linux

If you are a Linux user then, you can get the Client software for the Linux platform. However, Linux OS has many flavors. Moreover, the Client software available and provided below is only for Ubuntu flavor or Linux.

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Vmobile For Ubuntu

Vmobile App On Smartphones

The Vmobile App is also available on smartphones. Users can easily download the smartphone app on Android OS, iOS, and iPad OS. Use the smartphone app to monitor your home, office, worksite, and other places where you have placed your CCTV cameras. Moreover, the smartphone app of Vmobile also provides some configuration options.

Vmobile For Android

Free download Vmobile On Android operating system for the best surveillance footage viewing experience. Click on the link provided below from your smartphones to visit the Google Play Store and get the app on your smartphone.

Vmobile On Android

Vmobile On iPhone or iPad

The Vmobile surveillance application is provided by QNAP on the Apple App Store. If the provided link is opened from an iPhone then it will be open for iOS. Moreover, if you open the same link from the iPad, then this app will open for the iPad platform.

Vmobile For iOS & iPad OS

How to Install Vmobile CMS Client (Windows & Mac)

Follow the instruction provided below to benefit from the complete installation method of the client software of Vmobile For PC. Before starting the installation method on Windows or Mac OS, you have to extract the Setup file of Vmobile. Then follow the method provided below.

Installation Method of Vmobile

Double click on the extracted file to open the Vmobile Installer. A dialogue box will pop up on the screen, select the installer language and click on the Ok button.

Vmobile For PC

The installation Wizard of Vmobile Client will open, click on the Next button.

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Installation Method of Vmobile

On the next screen, agree to the license agreement of the Client software and click on the Next button.

Installation Method of Vmobile

Now you have to select the components of the QVR Pro Client then you want to install on your PC. Mark the components as shown on the provided image below. Then click on the Next button.

Installation Method of Vmobile

Select the installation location of the Client software, Mostly the default location is used, however, you can modify the default location by clicking on the Browse button. After the selection click on the Install button.

Installation Method of Vmobile

The installation of QVR Pro Clent will begin on your System.

Vmobile For PC

After the installation checkmark the Open QVR Pro Client option, and click on the Finish button.

Vmobile For PC

Login & Regestration Of QVR Pro Client

The QVR Pro Login screen will appear on the screen. Enter the required information and click on the Login button to access Vmobile For PC and to view the live security footage.

Login & Regestration Of QVR Pro Client

If you don’t have an account then, click on the Settings option on the screen, and select create a new account.

Live Preview Of CCTV Using Vmobile For PC

After login, all the CCTV cameras will appear, that are on the same network. Select the device to get the live preview of the security footage. The sample image of the live preview is shown below. Moreover, all the device information and other option are shown on the left side of the screen.

Live Preview Of CCTV Using Vmobile

This is all regarding Vmobile For PC. Thank you for your time and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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