Aiwit For PC, Windows 11 & Mac – Free Download

Aiwit For PC is a smart home application that is used for remotely controlling and managing devices. This app is very easy to use and users can easily set up devices with this app in an instant. An Advanced AI is integrated with the Aiwit software. This AI detects any moving object and provides instant notifications to the user.

Moreover, whenever the PIR motion sensor is triggered, the user receives a notification with direct access to the live feed for the security camera that picked up the motion trail. This app allows the user to easily monitor their home, office, worksite, and other places at the same time. Get access to the best quality of security footage with the Aiwit app. Moreover, users can have a conversation with the person in front of the CCTV camera.

Access the security footage of your CCTV cameras with Aiwit For PC from anywhere around the world. Aiwit is one of the best smart home applications in its category. This app also allows the user to connect to other smart home products easily and manage them without any hassle.

How To Get Aiwit App On PC (Windows & Mac)

Aiwit For PC Getting Aiwit For PC is not easy because there is no CMS Client software created from Windows or Mac OS devices. We tried our best to locate a Client software for Aiwit, but we did not find any. However, there is an alternative method, that can be used to get the Aiwit Android App on PC.

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Alternative Method To get The Aiwit App

The alternative method requires an Android emulator to download and install the Aiwit Android App. An Android emulator has the power to run Android App on a PC without any hassle. Emulators consume some power from your PC, but if you have an average system, then you might feel some lag.

Android Emulators

Android emulators have become a part of our life since 2010 when BlueStacks launched the very first Android emulator For PC. At that time there consume a lot of power and only powerful PC can only run them at the time. Now everyone can use an Android emulator with just 4GB of ram on their PC.

BlueStacks Emulator

This is the oldest Android emulator and the most powerful emulator on the internet. Using the BlueStacks emulator, you can easily download, Install, and Run Android Apps on a PC. Download BlueStacks from the link given below and enjoy Playing Android games, and using Android Apps on PC. Now install it just like any other software on your Windows or Mac PC.

Installation Of Aiwit For PC Using BlueStacks

The method given below will show you the complete steps to install the Aiwit Android App on PC. Moreover, the installation method is quite similar to the installation of Android Apps on Android smartphones. Without taking any more time here is what you need to do.

  • Open the Emulator.
    • Select System language.
    • Add Gmail account to enable Google Play Services.
  • Open the home screen, and look for Google Play Store.
    • Open it.
  • Use the search bar and search for Aiwit.
  • Open the app and click on the green install button.
    • The button is located on the right side of the screen.
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This is how you can get Aiwit For PC using the BlueStacks emulator.

Aiwit For PC

Aiwit – Smart Home App

The Aiwit App is a very user-friendly surveillance application. Users can easily log in to their accounts by using their email addresses. After login, there are many options to modify the device settings and much more. However, before modifying the settings, you need to add devices. Manually add devices by using the IP address or other device adding methods.

Gain full control over the device by accessing the complete information in the device info column. You can set the sound volume or check the battery life of a wireless camera. Access the playback footage directly from the Aiwit App and view it. There are many features of this app and you can learn about them in the next paragraph.

Aiwit For PC

Features Of Aiwit App

Here are some of the features of the Aiwit App.

  • Quick and instant login to the App.
  • Add devices with just a few clicks.
  • Modify devices and manage them.
  • Custom arrange devices on the home screen with custom name tags.
  • Modify and view settings for each device.
  • View playback footage directly on the App.
  • Built-in media player from viewing playback clips and captured snapshots.
  • Directly send playback footage or screenshots to anyone directly from the app.
  • HD quality live view and playback footage.
  • AI integrated motion sensors.
  • Multi channeling.
  • Easy to use.
  • User-friendly.

This is all regarding Aiwit For PC. Ask questions in the comment section below, if any. Thank You for your time and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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