Camy For PC, Windows 11 & Mac OS – Free Download

Download the Camy app on your device and convert it into a CCTV camera. Looking for alternatives for your home security, then by using Camy For PC, you can convert your old smartphone into surveillance cameras and connect it to another mobile device or a PC.

Bu using the Camy application you don’t have to go to the market or to any online store to purchase expensive security cameras or surveillance systems. Make your own surveillance system at home in just 3 to 4 minutes with theĀ  Camy app. Monitor your home, office, kids, pets, and other precious things with this app.

About Camy

Camy For PC Camy is an application that allows your mobile device to operate a CCTV camera. Users can view the live security footage from anywhere in the world with this app. Moreover, the developers of the Camy app have also created a web page that you can access for free. On this webpage, you can enter the information of your device and view the live footage from your device’s web browser.

How Camy For PC Works

The Camy application uses the stock camera module for your old smartphone. With Camy software on your old smartphone, the camera gets the power to send the live stream to the Camy servers. From the Camy server, you can view the live footage instantly.

How To Connect Two Devices?

Just download the Camy application on both devices. Use the method explained to install the Camy For PC app and install it on your Windows or Mac OS device. Make sure that both devices are on the same network, then select one device as a viewer (on which you want to view the security footage) and select the other device as a Camera. Now view the footage on your main device (Viewer).

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How To Get Camy On Windows Or Mac

To get the Camy app on PC you have to follow the alternative method. We are using the alternative method because there is no Client software that you can install on your Windows or Mac PC to get the Camy app. Install the Android Emulator on your PC i.e BlueStacks Emulator. You can also download your favorite emulator however, the performance of this emulator is outstanding.

Download BlueStacks

Installation Of Camy App With BlueStacks

The installation of the Camy app is very easy. First, install the Android emulator on your Windows or Mac PC. Then follow the installation method. Use the method explained for the installation of apps and games on your PC with BlueStacks. Without taking any more time this is the method.

  • Open the emulator.
  • Look for Google Play Store and open it.
  • Search for Camy.
  • Open the Camy app and click on the green install button.

This is how you can get Camy For PC.

Features Of Camy App

Camy For PC app includes many exclusive features that will help you in monitoring your home or office. The motion detection feature is very amazing and is the best performing feature of this app. Install the Camy app and instantly get motion detection notifications. See who is visiting you or protect your home from intruders.

This feature comes with an on-board Artificial Intelligence software that can differentiate between humans and animals. So whenever you receive a motion detection alert, you can be 100% sure that, this notification is for a human being on your property.

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Camy For PC

Key Features Of Camy

Here are some of the key features of the Camy app.

  • Stream high-quality video (Your devise camera may cause the quality to drop if it does not function properly).
  • Connect to multiple mobile cameras (Premium feature).
  • Multiple viewers can watch the live feed simultaneously.
  • Record Security footage on your device.
  • Your Camera device screen will be turned off to extend battery life.
  • Motion detector, Instant notification, Automatic recording to the cloud storage features are for Premium users.
  • Get the information regarding Stream, the Frame rate of the video, Bitrate, and Image size on your main device.
  • Switch between cameras of your device (Front & Rear Camera).
  • The view and talk feature allows you to talk to nearby people using the microphone and the speaker of the camera device.
  • Rotate Image and turn on the flashlight with the main device.
  • Zoom in to the camera footage and capture screenshots.
  • Night Mode and Pip Mode.
  • Connect with an Android TV.
  • Live Web view.
  • Connect with your CCTV cameras and watch their security footage.

This is all regarding Camy For PC. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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