Download Trassir for PC, Windows 11 & Mac OS

Trassir is the top-notch surveillance tool for computers and smartphones. Designed for the company clients that are using the IP Camera network and managing it at home or office etc. This tool will bring live surveillance on your computer directly. It will let users view the camera coverage in real-time. Users can see everything clearly which a camera eye is seeing. Useful to check what is happening around your surroundings by just sitting in one place. Also, useful for home and office security.

Trassir Compatibility Game

Well, the Trassir Compatibility game is damned strong and it’s nearly complete except the macOS. This software is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. Users can install Trassir for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7. It supports Android 5.0 and above version, recommended versions are above Android 9. When it comes to iOS, people who have iOS 12. o or above in their iPhone can use Trassir App Smoothly.

Supported OS RAM Requirement Memory Requirement
Windows 8/10/11 OS 4 GB 633 MB
Android 5.0 or above 2 GB 36 MB
iOS 12.0 3 GB 88 MB

Download Trassir for PC and other compatible devices through these buttons.

Download for Windows Download for Android Download for iPhone

The procedure to install Trassir for PC specifically for Windows devices is written below.

How to Download Trassir for PC

These steps are after downloading and running the CMS. First of all, you need to select the language.

Trassir for PC

At welcome to the Trassir Client Setup Wizard screen, click on Next.

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Trassir for PC

Kindly read and accept the licensee agreement before clicking the Next button.

Trassir for PC

Configure Time Synchronization or skip it by checking the box, click Next. By the way the time will get automatically synchronized with the Trassir CMS.

Trassir for PC

Click on the Next button.

Trassir for PC

Browse the location where you want to save the CMS on the computer. Or, you can continue with the default.

Trassir for PC

Select the additional tasks or with the default ones, Click Next.

Trassir for Windows 8

The software is ready to install, click on the install button.

Trassir for Windows 9

The software will take the due time for installation, it will hardly take a minute of you for getting ready.

Trassir for Windows 10

After the CMS successful installation, click on the Finish button.

Trassir for Windows 11

Login with the default username and password provided by the company. The CMS will automatically pick the camera and gets connect with it.

Trassir for PC

That’s how you install Trassir for PC and make it ready for monitoring.  Now we are mentioning the alternative to Trassir for MacOS. Because this tool is not compatible with Macintosh operating systems. For macOS users, we highly recommend CloudEdge for PC Mac.

How to Download Trassir for PC

This guide demonstrates downloading of Trassir on Computers using Android Emulators. Specifically, we are dealing with Windows and MacOS users. So, they can also use Trassir for Windows and MacOS.

  • Visit here to Install BlueStacks for Windows
  • Download Nox App Player for Mac From {Here}

After Downloading the BlueStacks, follow the instruction written below. Installation of the emulator and then app with image illustrations to reduce the chance of errors.

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Step 1) At the BlueStacks starter pack, click on the Install now button. This is applicable if you downloaded the BlueStacks offline installer.

Trassir for PC

Step 2) Let the installation get completed. It will take 10 to 15 minutes for you, so keep patience! Obviously, file extraction takes due time.

Trassir for PC

Step 3) Once the installation gets completed! Users need to click on the complete button to move furhter.

Screenshot 7 1 2

Step 4) Afterwards, the BlueStacks will get ready to start. Wait for just few seconds.

Screenshot 8 1 2

Step 5) Open the Google Play from the BlueStacks home. For the first time, it will ask you to sign in with your Google Account. It is compulsory to active Google Play Services. So that, you can download any app from Google Play Store on your device.

Screenshot 9 12

Step 6) Once you went to all initial formaitlies and registration processes, the Play Store will appear infront of you.

Trassir for PC

Step 7) Search the Trassir App on Google Play Store. Open the app profile and click on the Install button.

That’s how you download and install the Trassir for PC. By the way, if someone doesn’t like the BlueStacks, they can use Nox App Player also to get this app on a computer. Using Nox App Player on Windows and Mac is pretty similar to the BlueStacks method. Both emulators are good and perform equally well.

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