Installation & Configuration: Explorer CCTV for PC [Windows & Mac]

The following article presents solutions to download Explorer CCTV for PC. The written solutions are drafted to help individuals benefit from the remote video surveillance services on a computer. So they can watch the live feeds on a bigger interface and manage their cameras without following any complications.

How Do I Use Explorer CCTV for PC

Users have multiple options for viewing Explorer CCTV live feeds. Either they can benefit from a general CMS or get a third-party emulator. So I will talk about both solutions, to help my readers make the most out of their live camera feeds. Let’s start with the official solution.

General CMS Requirements

Windows OS Mac OS
11/10/8/7 10.0 or later
4GB RAM or above 4GB RAM or above

Download Explorer CCTV for Windows

Download Explorer CCTV for Mac

Note: Before moving forward to the process of installing the CMS, don’t forget to extract the downloaded package. And, launch the General CMS Setup file from it.

CMS Installation

  • Select the preferred language for CMS SetupGeneral CMS
  • From the welcome instance, click on the Next buttonExplorer CCTV for PC
  • Check if the required ROM (free space) is available in the selected drive and if it’s not, change the folder destination, before proceedingScreenshot 3 9
  • Create Shortcut folders for your convenience and hit NextExplorer CCTV for Windows
  • After recognizing the previously made selections, move forwardScreenshot 5 11
  • Wait for a little while, until the installation progress is completedExplorer CCTV for Mac
  • Hit the Finish button, to complete the installation setupScreenshot 7 12
  • Now select a language for the General CMSScreenshot 8 12

Explorer CCTV Login

Before getting to connect or configure cameras, every user is required to complete the Explorer CCTV Login process. For that, users have the option of using the default username i.e: “super” and leave the password field blank. Afterward, click on the Login button to instantly get the CMS interface.Explorer CCTV Login

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Reminder: Before you are led towards the home instance, a prompt of system firewall will appear. You just have to select the private & public network bullets and hit Allow accessScreenshot 10 7

Device Configuration

  • From the home interface, click on the System >> Device Manager from the right pane.Explorer CCTV Configuration
  • After selecting the Zone List, click on the Add Area buttonScreenshot 12 4
  • Select the added area and click on Add Device. Now enter the device details and hit the Ok button to proceed.Screenshot 13 3

Explorer CCTV – Live Footage

  • After configuring the cameras successfully, navigate back to the main instance of the CMSExplorer CCTV - Live Footage
  • Select your configured device from the left pane to view its live footage

Explorer CCTV App for PC (Alternative Solution)

This solution requires the services of a third-party program named Android emulator. Because it allows you to emulate Android OS on your computer, resulting in, you are allowed to benefit from Explorer CCTV App for PC. And such software works perfectly on Windows & Mac operating systems.

Explorer CCTV App for PC

For a better Android emulation experience, you should get BlueStacks App Player. This emulator is capable of providing beneficial services to users who are interested in using smartphone apps on their computer. You can do the same, just get it by clicking here and install it by following onscreen instructions.

FAQs About Explorer CCTV

Q) What Is Explorer CCTV?

A) Explorer CCTV is a remote video monitoring application designed to work with IP cameras and digital recorders. Users can use this application to watch live feeds from any corner of the world. All they have to do is install the application and configured their surveillance devices correctly.

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Q) Can You Access Multiple Channel?

A) Yes, users can connect multiple devices with the app. If they are connecting a digital recorder, they get to view all the live feeds on a singular interface, thanks to the Multiple Channeling support.

Q) Can You Enable Alarm Notifications?

A) Users can enable alarm push notifications to receive security alerts. They can even add their email address to get such notifications without having to use the app and then launch Explorer CCTV for PC to watch the suspicious activities.

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