Free Download ADVIK For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

Advik is the CMS Client software for Computers and its app XMeye is available on Android smartphones. This camera management is one of the most highly rated CMS ever found in the CCTV Market. The ease of surveillance with side features enhances your monitoring experience on screen. Camera controls, cameras management, and much more, that you can get from the ADVIK free of cost.

What is ADVIK?

As we told you it is a surveillance tool specifically designed for Computer operating systems. It is compatible with Windows versions like Win 10, Win 8, Win 7. Hopefully in the future client users will get Advik on Windows 11 too. When it comes to smartphones and tablets, it supports the Android OS and iOS too.

Check the Requirements of Advik

Check the minimum requirements to install ADVIK for PC and other devices.

ADVIK on Windows

  1. Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 (64-Bit), Windows 10
  2. Minimum Processor should be intel Core i3 or above.
  3. This tool requires 3 GB of RAM on Windows.
  4. Only the tool required 49 MB of space on internal storage. Remember, we are talking about the videos storage, that’s just for CMS.

ADVIK on Android

  1. Users must have Android 4.1 or above version on their smartphone.
  2. The minimum Processor should be Android Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or above.
  3. This tool requires 2GB of RAM on an Android Smartphone.
  4. Just 16 MB of space on Android phones.


  1. Users must install the iOS 8.0 or above version on their iPhone or iPad.
  2. The minimum Processor should be A13 Bionic for Apple or above.
  3. This tool requires 2 GB of RAM on an iPhone or iPad.
  4. Only the tool required 207 MB of space on the iPhone.
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Here are the download Links of ADVIK for PC and other compatible devices. Download the direct Advik.exe file on Windows PC.

Download for PC Cloud Download for Android Download for iPhone

Procedure to install Advik for Windows

Follow the guide step by step, take the help of screenshots to avoid the chance of error or miss configuration of Advik with DVR or cameras.

1. At the CMS Setup Starter, you need to select the Language first. As you can see in the screenshot, you will see 3 options SimpChinese, TradChinese, English. We are continuing with the English Language.
cms installation step 1

2. The software will be welcome to the CMS Installer starter pack. Here, you need to click on the Next option.

cms installation step 2

3. Assign the location to the CMS for storing the setup and additional data. Remember the videos will also get stored in the same drive so must select the drive with enough storage.

cms installation step 3

4. Now the CMS is ready to install, click on the Next button.

cms installation step 4

5. The software will start installation after the previous step. It will take few seconds for you, kindly don’t cancel the process, you have to start from the first step again otherwise.

cms installation step 5

6. After installation gets completed, you need to select the language of CMS in which you want to use it.

cms installation step 6

7. Click on the Allow Acess button if prompts to bypass the Windows Defender firewall.

cms installation step 7.5

8. If you have an ID Password provided by the company then enter your username and password. Otherwise, click on the Auto-Login button.

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cms installation step 7

9. The CMS will load the DVR setup on screen, just a matter of few seconds.

cms installation step 8

10. Add the cameras in the CMS manually through the port number, IP addresses, and further details. Add as many cameras as you want as it works on large-scale organization security too.

cms installation step 9

After Adding the cameras to the Advik CMS, you are ready to view the live surveillance on your computers. The same experience can be enjoyed on the Android and iOS apps available on the respective App Stores.

Alternative Method – Through Android Emulators

Android Emulators are the famous App installers that are widely used for installing and running Android app on PC, ADVIK is the best example. If anyone wants to install and use ADVIK for PC on operating systems like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, MacOS Mojave, MacOS Catalina, MacOS Big Sur, and MacOS Monterey. Search for the Advik on Google Play Store inside an emulator. Click on the install button and get the Advik for PC inside the BlueStacks.

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