How To Download HapSee for PC [Windows 11/10/8/7 & Mac]

The following post indicates solutions to download HapSee for PC. The written methods are presented to help individuals watch live feeds on a computer. So they get to benefit from the official HapSee CMS on Windows. The Client’s easy to install and configure, I will describe the proper procedure to use it.

How Do I Use HapSee for PC

Users need to implement different solutions to get HapSee for Windows and HapSee for Mac. Because Windows OS users have the option of taking advantage of the official CMS Client. Whereas, Mac users need to apply an unofficial solution to watch the camera feeds. That’s why I have discussed both methods in this section.

HapSee CMS for Windows

  • Windows 11/10/8
  • Intel Core-i3 or above
  • 3GB RAM or above
  • 56MB ROM (HDD or SSD)

Download HapSee for Windows

Reminder: After downloading the CMS folder, extract it and launch the CMS Setup file from it.

CMS Setup Installation:

  • From the first instance of the CMS Setup wizard, select desired folder destination and hit NextHapsee CMS Setup
  • Choose to create a desktop shortcut and click on the Next buttonHapsee CMS Setup
  • Once the CMS is ready to Install, click on the Install buttonHapSee for PC
  • Wait for the Installation progress to completeHapSee for PC
  • After viewing the CMS information, hit NextHapSee for Windows
  • At last, check the Launch Hapsee box and hit FinishHapSee for Mac

HapSee Login

Now the software will launch automatically and you will be led toward its Login instance. Remember that the login information is different for smartphones and PC Clients. So after granting firewall access, enter your email account & password, and click on the Register button to proceed.

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HapSee Login

Camera Configuration

To successfully configure a camera device, you need to click on the + Add Camera button. After getting the popup for device configuration, enter the device details like Camera CID and Password. Now, click on the Ok button to proceed to the Live feed interface.

HapSee Configuration

HapSee – Live Footage

Once a user has configured his cameras/digital recorders, he can navigate back to the main interface of HapSee. The camera names are shown in the left pane and the live feeds can be viewed on the right pane of the CMS.

HapSee - Live Footage

HapSee App for PC (Windows & Mac)

Android emulators can assist users well in the case of using the HapSee App on Mac and Windows OS. Because such programs focus on delivering beneficial services to users who like to benefit from Android apps on PC. And one good advantage of using such utilities is that they don’t cost a single dollar.

HapSee App for PC

While selecting an Android emulator, users should always prefer BlueStacks. Because this free emulator is easy to use and doesn’t lead individuals towards any complications. It is configured by default, so users only need to get its file from an official source and install it. Afterward, launch Google Play Store on it to install HapSee App for PC.

FAQs About HapSee

Q) What Is HapSee?

A) HapSee is a live video streaming software designed for both smartphones and PC. It can be used to watch the camera feeds remotely, from any corner of the world. A user has to connect/configure his surveillance devices, to access their surveillance feeds.

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Q) Does HapSee Support Cloud Storage?

A) HapSee supports both Cloud Storage and local storage. Users can even access the saved videos from their preferred storage on the installed CMS. A built-in media gallery is available for the convenience of users.

Q) Does HapSee Works on Slow Internet Connection?

A) Yes, users can benefit from HapSee for PC, even when their devices are connected with a slow internet connection. Thanks to the user-friendly algorithms installed by the CMS developers, consumers will not have to face any complications while streaming live feeds.

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