4 Step Guide: Install & Configure SECUEYE for PC [Windows & Mac]

Acknowledge the proper set of instructions required to use SECUEYE for PC. Users can get an official Client to help them watch the CCTV footage on their computer. All they have to do is install the required client and configure it depending upon their needs. And from there, start using its services to keep an eye on their belongings 24/7.

How Do I Use SECUEYE for PC

Secuvision is the name of the official client available for Windows PC and Laptop. As for users who wish to benefit from its services on Mac devices, they can implement an unofficial procedure to get the job done. A good thing about the unofficial trick is that it works on both Windows & Mac operating systems.

SECUVision Requirements

  • OS: Windows 11/10/8/7
  • Processor: Intel or AMD (At least Dual-Core)
  • RAM: 4GB or above
  • ROM: 90MB

Download SECUVision for Windows

Client Installation

  • Launch the Secuvision Setup file that you just downloaded. And, click on the Next button to start the installation wizard.Secuvision Setup
  • Choose a folder destination or go with the default location and hit NextScreenshot 5 7
  • Check the Create a desktop icon box and click on NextSecuvision for PC
  • To confirm the installation, click on the Install buttonSecuvision for Windows
  • Now wait for a little while, until the installation bar is completedSECUEYE for PC
  • At last, click on the Finish button to complete the installation process.SECUEYE for Windows


Once you launch the software using the desktop icon, you will be asked to allow the firewall to run it. At the first instance, you will be asked to complete the SECUEYE Login procedure. For that, you can use the default username i.e: “super” and leave the password field blank.

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Device Configuration

  • From the main instance of SECUEYE, click on System >> Device ManagerSECUEYE Configuration
  • You need to select Zone list and hit the ADD Area button. Now fill the Zone name and Up Zone fields, before clicking on the Ok button.SECUEYE for Mac
  • Select a device from the Zone list and hit Add Device. On the next dialogue box, enter the selected device details and hit the Ok buttonSECUEYE Configuration

SECUEYE – Live Footage

After successfully configuring the cameras, you get to watch their live footage by following a simple procedure. To do so, simply navigate back to the home interface of the software. Select your desired video monitoring device from the left pane to start watching its live stream on the middle pane.

SECUEYE - Live Footage

SECUEYE App for PC (Unofficial Method)

Mac OS users who are unable to benefit from SECUVision can benefit from SECUEYE App for PC. But for that, they will be required to get a different Client that’s developed to emulate Android OS. The name of such program is Android emulator, which can be used to benefit from various Android apps on PC.


One of the top-notch emulators that provide services for free is BlueStacks App Player. You can get it from its official source and perform a simple installation procedure by launching the downloaded file. After that, simply launch the software and run Google Play Store on it to install your desired Android application.



A) SECUEYE is a free live video monitoring tool that works with all the products developed by Secucore. It can be used to connect your monitoring devices (computer and smartphone) with your cameras and digital recorders. Its main purpose is to help you watch the live feeds remotely from any corner of the world.

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Q) Does SECUEYE Support Local & Cloud Storage?

A) Yes, SECUEYE can be used to record videos on the cloud and local storage. The developers have made sure that users get the right services to protect their households and beloved ones. Further, you can view the recorded videos directly from the Client’s media gallery.

Q) Can You Send Voice Commands Using SECUEYE?

A) Individuals are allowed to benefit from the two-way communication facility. This way, they can command or have a nice chat with the ones near the surveillance cameras. Even watch the live feed and have chat at the same time by using the microphone of their device.

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