Installation & Configuration: SwannView Plus for PC [Windows & Mac]

Heed the presented post to use SwannView Plus for PC. I have added solutions to help you watch the CCTV footage on your computer, without having to pay any extra charges. So all you have to do is read the drafted instructions and implement them on your monitoring device for a better live video monitoring experience.

How Do I Use SwannView Plus for PC

I have written individual methods to download SwannView Plus for Windows and SwannView Plus for Mac. Because its official surveillance client is available for Windows PC and Laptop. So Mac users have to perform an uncommon solution that also works as an alternative method for Windows OS users.

Client Requirements

  • OS: Windows 11/10/8/7
  • Processor: Intel or AMD (At least Dual-Core)
  • RAM: 3GB or above
  • ROM: 146MB

Download SwannView Plus for Windows

Client Installation

  • From the first instance of InstallShield Wizard, hit the Next button.SwannView Plus for PC
  • Select the features that you would like to add to the singular client:
    • Client
    • Storage Server
    • Stream Media Server
    • Decoding Server
    • Encoding ServerScreenshot 2 6
  • Check the Create Desktop icon checkbox and hit NextSwannView Plus for Windows
  • Once you are notified about the ready to install notification, click on the InstallScreenshot 3 6
  • Allow the Client install to upload and install the appropriate files peacefullySwannView Plus for Mac
  • At last, click on the Finish button to complete the installation procedure.

SwannView Plus Login

Now that you have successfully installed the Client on Windows, you can launch it from the desktop of your device. For the first time, you will be asked to complete the SwannView Plus Login process. After entering the required credentials inside the perspective fields, click on the Register button.SwannView Plus Login

Client Configuration

  • After completing the login/registeration procedure, click on the Device Manager tab from the Control PanelSwannView Plus Control Panel
  • Click on the Add button and complete the configuration process on the next appearing dialogue boxSwannView Plus Configuration

SwannView Plus – Live Footage

  • From the Control Panel, click on the Main View tabScreenshot 9 9
  • Start viewing the configured live feeds on ClientSwannView Plus - Live Footage

SwannView Plus App for PC (Windows & Mac)

Mac users only have the option of using the SwannView Plus App for PC. Whereas, Windows users can also benefit from such a facility, only if they prefer to benefit from its smartphone app’s interface. Meaning, it’s optional for Windows OS users but nesscary for Mac users to take advantage of an Android emulator.

SwannView Plus App for PC

Regardless of the installed operating system, BlueStacks is the best option to emulate Android OS on your computer. First of all, you can get it from an official source and this emulator can be trusted as it doesn’t harm your privacy or device’s health. Further, you can launch Google Play Store on it to install your desired Android App on PC.

FAQs About SwannView Plus

Q) What Is SwannView Plus?

A) SwannView Plus is a live video monitoring client designed to work with both smartphones and computers. Its main purpose is to help users access remote video surveillance services, so they can keep an eye on their property. It’s a free program that only works with SWANN range products.

Q) Can I Watch SwannView Camera Feeds Online?

A) To watch the SwannView Camera feeds online on your computer, you have to ensure that your PC is connected to the same network as your surveillance devices. After meeting this requirement, visit on your web browser to access the live feeds online.

Q) What Does “Error Code 90 on SwannView Plus” Indicates?

A) Usually, Error Code 90 on SwannView occurs due to a problematic network. So what you can do is restart your network router and digital recorder. And if it doesn’t resolve the issue, update your firmware and the SwannView application for your benefit.

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