CCTV Calculator For PC – Windows 11 & Mac – Free Download

Download CCTV Calculator For PC for parameter determination and testing. This tool is specifically designed for these two things. This tool provides easy calculations for determining everything you need to know about focal length, camera view, IP camera bandwidth, storage capacity, and much more.

This application has gained enormous popularity among CCTV specialists and technicians. Most technicians use this tool for finding the sweet spot for your CCTV cameras. CCTV Calculator tool comes with a simple interface that is very easy to use and effective.

The home screen of the application contains all the options of major features of the tool. Just tap on the option to access it and connect with the device. By using CCTV Calculator For PC you will be able to find the perfect location to place your CCTV camera.

By using the CCTV Calculator application you will gain access to knowledge that is only known by professional CCTV experts. Moreover, you don’t need to hire a professional for finding and placing your CCTV cameras. Users can easily do it with the help of the CCTV Calculator.

CCTV Calculator For PC

How To Get CCTV Calculator For PC

Looking for a way to get CCTV Calculator For Windows and CCTV Calculator for Mac? Here I have provided a simple solution for installing CCTV Calculator on PC. As the CCTV Calculator app is only available for the Android platform. Follow the method explained below to install the CCTV Calculator tool on a PC.

Download An Emulator

By downloading an Android emulator on your PC, your device will have the power to run Android OS on Windows or Mac Devices without any hassle. An Android emulator provides access to Google Play Store for downloading and install Android games or applications on a computer. I recommend using BlueStacks because it is high-performing, reliable, and easy to use.

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Download BlueStacks.

Get CCTV Calculator By Using BlueStacks

First of all, install the emulator on your system (Windows or Mac) then follow the method explained to get the CCTV Calculator app on your PC.

  • Open the emulator, this will take some time.
  • Once the home screen appears, search and open for Google Play Store.
  • Now use the search bar to look for CCTV Calculator.
  • Open the application, and click on the Install button.

This is how you can get CCTV Calculator For PC by using an Android emulator on PC.

Few Words About CCTV Calculator

The CCTV Calculator tool is designed for making your life easy and to save money. This tool provides 99% accurate information. Easily find details about your installed CCTV devices like Focal length, Camera angle, bandwidth, Required storage for recording media, and much more.

This tool can help you in many ways. Moreover, if you understand a little about technology, then with this tool you can make slight changes to your camera devices, and get optimal results within seconds. No need to hire professionals or technicians, because everything is easy and DIY.

CCTV Calculator For PC

Features Of CCTV Calculator 

This application is full of user full features that you need to find information regarding the placement of your camera devices and much more. Here are some features with brief information.

Lens focal length calculator: The focal length calculator is a simple feature that can help the user in the process of computing the magnification, focal length, and much more.

Camera viewing angle: Camera viewing angles are the complete opposite points of an image. Find the best angle for covering more space in the camera view.

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Bandwidth calculator: The amount of data send and received is called bandwidth. Find the bandwidth of your camera device with just a click.

Sensitivity recalculation: Compare the sensitivity of cameras devices with two different alleged by the camera lens.

Storage needs calculator: Find the recording media capacity to achieve the desire recording length for example 1 minute, 1 hour, etc.

Wireless signal calculator: Find the signal strength of your wireless cameras. The results may not be 100% accurate, but the results will be near the accurate number.

This article was all regarding CCTV Calculator For PC. Thank you for your time, and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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