Download Bascom for PC, Windows 11 Laptop/Desktop

It is the turorial related to downloading procedure of Bascom for PC. This is an Android and we will perform cross-platforming on it. Through the guide written here, users can install Bascom on the following devices.

  1. Bascom for Windows 11,
  2. Bascom for Windows 10,
  3. Bascom for Windows 8
  4. Bascom for Windows 7
  5. Bascom for MacOS Big Sur
  6. Bascom for macOS Monterey

Let us start with the initial introduction of Bascom for PC and other device benfitis.

What is Bascom?

Boscam is an app that is designed to view live video feeds. This app can connect your DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras with your smartphone. In this way, users can monitor the live video surveillance of CCTV cameras anytime they want. CCTV are important now in the security world. Every person wants to keep an eye on his/her property, even he or she is not there. CCTV cameras alone are not enough, you must have a tool/screen for monitoring them. Apps like Bascom are reliable sources that can show you what your cameras are watching.

VacronViewer for PC

Vacron Viewer Support the devices like Vehicle DVR, IPCam, NKSeries NVR (NK200, NK300, NK700…), ccHDtv Series (CK200), NXSeries NVR (NX380, NX580…), PC-Based NVR (PC200/300), DXSeries DVR, Hi-3515 DVR, LEX Linux Card. Maybe few ones are missing from the list. Or, maybe the developers add more support options in Bascom in near future.

So, when it comes to using Bascom, Either we can use the app on a smartphone or on a PC. Monitoring and focusing on smartphones is difficult because it has a small screen. Obviously, the smartphone is a hand-carry device, but we want you to use Bascom for PC while monitoring. Even if you are using a mid-range computer, still Bascom will work better as compared to a phone. That’s why we highly recommend you to download Bascom for PC.

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Downloading Bascom for PC

Bascom is the best example of Emulators. If anyone wants to install and use Bascom for PC on operating systems like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, MacOS Mojave, MacOS Catalina, MacOS Big Sur, and MacOS Monterey. The procedure to install Bascom for PC is written below. The file we are using for the BlueStacks on Windows are the offline installers

Step 1) At the BlueStacks starter pack, click on the Install now button.

Bascom for PC

Step 2) Let the installation get completed. It will take 10 to 15 minutes for you, so keep patience! Obviously, file extraction takes due time.

Bascom for PC

Step 3) Once the installation gets completed! Users need to click on the complete button.

Bascom for PC

Step 4) Afterwards, the BlueStacks will get ready to start. Wait for just a few seconds.

Faceter for PC

Step 5) Open the Google Play from the BlueStacks home. For the first time, it will ask you to sign in with your Google Account. It is compulsory to active Google Play Services. So that, you can download any app from Google Play Store on your device.

Faceter for PC

Step 6) Once you went through all initial formalities and registration processes, the Play Store will appear infront of you.

Faceter for PC

Step 7) Search the Bascom on Google Play Store. Open the app profile and click on the Install button.

Faceter for PC

That’s the way to download Bascom for PC. It is a highly underrated tool. So, we want to make it go viral.

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