Download SOOVVI Int’l for PC [Windows 11 & macOS 12]

The following demonstration presents the procedure of installing SOOVVI Int’l for PC. If you are interested in controlling your Jovision surveillance devices from a computer, keep reading the rest of this post. Because it indicates a solution to help individuals watch live footage of IP cameras on a computer.

How Do I Use SOOVVI Int’l for PC

Windows and Mac users are requested to implement different procedures to use SOOVVI Int’l. Because Jovision has only provided VMS-6100 for Windows users. So Mac users will have to access the services of a third-party utility named Android emulator. You can discover both solutions in the following section.

1. Client Requirements

Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7
Developer Jovision
Processor Intel Core-i3 or above

Download SOOVVI Int’l for Windows


After decompressing the downloaded folder, launch the VMS-6100 Setup file from it. You will be required to confirm your action and click on the Next button to start the installation process.SOOVVI Int'l for PC

Click on the Browse button to select a preferred folder destination (it’s optional). After selecting the desired folder, click on the Install button.SOOVVI Intl 2

The installation will start, you need to wait until the installation progress bar is completed.SOOVVI Int'l for Mac

Once the VMS is successfully installed, you will be required to perform the following actions:

  1. Check “Start Client” and “Create a desktop icon” checkboxes.
  2. Click on the “Completed” button.


Before launching the VMS, your OS will notify you about the blockade of various features. Your job is to command Windows OS to grant full access for both Private and Public networks.SOOVVI Int'l for Windows

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From the first Login instance, you will be required to create a superuser and designate a strong passcode to it. Do ensure to check the “Remember Password” for convenience in the future.SOOVVI Intl Login 1

For your account security, you will be asked to select three questions, which you will have to answer. These security questions and answers will help you retrieve your account, in case you forgot your password.SOOVVI Int'l Login


Now the main interface of SOOVVI Int’l will be shown to you. So now your job is to start the configuration process, to connect your surveillance devices. For that, simply click on the Device Management tab.SOOVVI Intl Configuration 1

From the configuration panel, you need to click on the “+Add Device” button. A popup of device configuration will start to appear on your device’s display.SOOVVI Int'l Configuration

On that configuration popup, you need to first select your preferred methods like CloudSEE, ONVIF, or IP/DDNS. Afterward, enter the required details like Device Name, IP Address, Port, CouldSEE Protocol, etc.SOOVVI Intl Configuration 3

Live View

Once the devices are successfully configured, navigate back to the Control Panel of the VMS.SOOVVI Intl Live View 1

Now select the Video Preview tab to start watching the live view of the connected surveillance devices.SOOVVI Int'l Live View

2. SOOVVI Int’l App for PC (Windows & Mac)

Mac users don’t have the luxury of using the services of VMS-6100. But they do have the option of taking advantage of the SOOVVI Int’l App for PC. For that cause, they have to get the services of an Android emulator to make Android emulation possible on their devices. And, the same can be implied by Windows users.

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SOOVVI Int'l App for PC

For your benefit, get a free Android emulator named BlueStacks. Because this App Player works effectively for individuals who don’t want to get into the hassle of configuring the Android emulation process. You can get it from an official source and install it by completing the prompted tasks.

FAQs About SOOVVI Int’l

Q) What Is SOOVVI Int’l?

A) SOOVVI Int’l is designed to work with Wi-Fi cameras and smart devices delivered by Jovision. The application gives you remote access to your smart appliances and allows you to control them from wherever you like to.

Q) Does SOOVVI Int’l Support Multi-Channeling?

A) Yes, SOOVVI Int’l supports multi-channeling, you can view multiple camera feeds on a singular interface. Though, you can also view a particular live feed on the fullscreen.

Q) Can I Record Videos from SOOVVI Int’l?

A) Users are allowed to record videos and take snapshots whenever they want to. A good thing is that a built-in media gallery is provided for users who want quick access to the stored images and videos.

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