Download iRISCO for PC, Windows, Mac [2021 Guide]

I present to you a solution to download iRISCO for PC. If you are interested in accessing your intrusion system from a computer, you can benefit from the drafted procedure. And to be specific, I will be guiding you to watch live surveillance videos on Windows & Mac devices.

How Do I Use iRISCO for PC?

Users are requested to take advantage of third-party software named Android emulator to download iRISCO for PC. The emulator I will be discussing in this section is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. You get the emulator’s file from the provided link and learn the proper way to use it.

1. Emulator Requirements

Windows OS Mac OS
11/10/8/7 10.0 or later
At least 4GB RAM At least 4GB RAM

Download BlueStacks for Windows & Mac

After downloading the BlueStacks file on your system, you need to install the software and use it to get the iRISCO App for PC. So now I will guide you on how to use it for your benefit.

Installation & Usage

  • Open the downloaded file of BlueStacks and from the first instance of InstallShield, click on Install NowiRISCO for PC
  • Allow it to complete the file uploading and installation process, you will have to wait for a couple of seconds.iRISCO for PC 2
  • Thereafter, check the Auto-Start box and click on the Complete button to end the installation process.iRISCO for PC 3
  • Once the emulator starts, wait until it gets ready for your usage.iRISCO for Windows
  • Now from its main interface, go to the Game Center and click on the Play Store icon.iRISCO for PC 5
  • Complete the Login procedure to synchronize your Google account with BlueStacks.iRISCO for Mac
  • After the successful login, use the play store’s search bar to open iRISCOiRISCO for PC 7
  • Click on the green Install button to start the app’s installation.iRISCO App for PC
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Now that the iRISCO App for PC is installed, you can click on the Open button to launch it. Similarly, you can also navigate to the My Games section from the main interface of BlueStacks, to get the list of all the installed applications. You will also encounter some game recommendations in this section, which you can bypass if you want to.

Features of iRISCO App for PC

After installing iRISCO for PC, users will be required to perform a login procedure. Once they have completed such a process, they will be redirected to the app’s control panel, from where they can start to manipulate the intrusion cameras. So I will discuss the app’s key facilities that can be accessed easily.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
    Individuals can configure their indoor and outdoor cameras with the same app account. They are allowed to connect as many camera devices as they like to, without having to face any compatibility issues. All of the connected IP cameras can be controlled through a singular app.
  • Alarm Notifications
    Whenever an alarm is triggered, the app records a video of 30 seconds and notifies you about it. You can watch the collected video and perform further action depending on your situation. The application also allows you to call the authorities directly from its interface.
  • Manage Events
    All of the recorded media is exported to the Events tab. Users can view the list of events in the shape of videos and manage them accordingly. They can remove or delete any event whenever they like to.
  • Arm or Disarm Remotely
    In case of false alarms, iRISCO for PC allows you to disarm your security system remotely. You are allowed to arm or disarm your system from any place of your choice. Likewise, arm or re-arm the full security whenever you feel comfortable.
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