VMS Guide: Install & Configure ISIWI for PC [Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac]

The following post is presented to help readers download ISIWI for PC. This surveillance software is available for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. So I am going to teach the proper channel of installing and configuring the VMS. To help individuals make the most out of their live camera feeds on a computer.

How Do I Use ISIWI for PC

In this section, users can locate the required procedure to benefit from ISIWI for PC. However, Windows and Mac users have to implement different procedures. Since the official VMS is available for Windows, Mac device owners are requested to take advantage of a third-party program to get the job done. So I will share both solutions.

1. VMS Requirements

Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7
Developer VulTech
Processor Intel Core-i3 or above

Download ISIWI for Windows

VMS Installation

After downloading the required package from the above-provided button, extract it using utilities like WinZip or WinRAR. Now launch the ISIWI Connect VMS Setup file. On the first instance of the InstallShield, you can select your desired folder destination and click on the Next button to proceed.ISIWI Connect VMS Setup

You also have the option of selecting the folder destination of the Start menu folder to be created. It’s optional, as you can simply click on the Next button if you are ok with the default selections.ISIWI for PC 2

Now select where you would like to create the VMS icons. You can select to create the VMS shortcuts on Desktop and Quick Launch.ISIWI for PC

The Setup will now show the previously made changes, if you are ok with the selections, simply click on the Install button.ISIWI for PC 4

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Now the InstallShield will upload the required files and extract them for your benefit.ISIWI for Mac

Once the VMS is installed, check the Launch ISIWI box and hit Finish.ISIWI for Windows


Every user has to complete the ISIWI Login procedure. So from the first instance, you need to enter the desired strong password and click on the Il prossimo button.ISIWI Login 1

Now select your desired account security questions and provide the righteous answer for them. Afterward, click on the finire button to complete the registration process.ISIWI Login 2

A login instance will start to appear, you need to type the password that you created previously and hit the Accesso button. Leave “admin” as your username.ISIWI Login

Device Configuration

Now you can change the preferred language from Italian to English. To do so, you can click on the Config. Sistema tab from the VMS dashboard.ISIWI Configuration 1

Click on the Language drop-down menu and select English from it. Thereafter, click on the salva button present at the bottom right corner of the VMS interface.ISIWI Configuration 2

To start configuring your devices, navigate back to the control panel of the VMS and click on Gestione dei dispositivi (Device Management)ISIWI Configuration

From the next interface, click on the “+” icon and enter your device details in the appearing popup. After providing the right details, click on the Add button.ISIWI Configuration 4

ISIWI – Live Footage

To start benefiting from the configured cameras, select Main Menu from the VMS control panel.ISIWI Live Footage 1

Now the ISIWI – Live Footage will be shown to you inside the right pane.ISIWI - Live Footage

2. ISIWI App for PC

The ISIWI Connect VMS is a lot different from the supported Android application. That’s why many users prefer to benefit from ISIWI App for PC. So if you are looking to be facilitated with such a service, you need to benefit from an Android emulator. Because this software is specifically designed to help users emulate Android OS.ISIWI App for PC

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It’s better to use a product that’s not laggy at all, so I would recommend you use BlueStacks App Player. You can get this emulator from an official source and install it by following the onscreen prompts. Thereafter, launch Google Play Store on it to install your desired smartphone app on PC.


Q) What Is ISIWI?

A) ISIWI is a live video surveillance utility designed by VulTech. This utility is offered to help users benefit from remote video monitoring services. So users can control and manage their surveillance cameras and digital recorders from anywhere they like to.

Q) Does ISIWI Support Media Recording?

A) Yes, developers have added the facility to allow users to save images and videos from the live feeds. The recorded media is stored in the selected folder destination and can be viewed directly from the app’s interface.

Q) What Languages Are Supported by ISIWI Connect?

A) For now, ISIWI Connect VMS supports two languages. Users can select their preferred language after they have installed it on their computer. Italian is the default language, but you can change it to English, anytime you want to.

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