Free Download P6SLite for PC, Windows 11 & Mac Monterey [Laptop/Desktop]

Developed and published by the ZHANG Lin, a specialist in developing surveillance tools for Android.

People who are using CCTV Cameras at home or office must try the P6Slite for PC. It is the live video transmission app that catches the live video surveillance of CCTV cameras. Brings the videos in real-time on your Laptop and Desktop screens. All CCTV users must try the P6SLite because it is reliable, fast, stable, and trustworthy.

P6SLite for PC

By nature, the P6SLite is a video transmission application software. It is based on P2P technology also known as Peer to Peer. The P6SLite supports multiple devices for example IPC/NVR/DVR. P6SLite performs many functions noteworthy among the key functions are device management, video preview, video playback, etc.

App Features

  • View Video in real-time.
  • Extraordinary video quality (Depends on the cameras which you have assembled).
  • Supports the Pan Tilt and Zoom.
  • Supports the SD Card option for the storage of videos. Also, you can upload those on Dropbox, Onedrive, etc.
  • Compatible with all kinds of camera sensors and features like Motion detection, alarm, zoom-in, zoom-out, Night Vision, etc.
  • Supports most of the camera brands, DVRs.
  • Easy to configure in both ways manually and automatic too.

P6sLite Compatibility

The P6sLite is compatible with smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS only. Android users can get P6sLite from Google Play and Apple iOS users can get P6sLite on App Store. Unavailability is a matter of Windows and MacOS users. What they should do if they want to install and use P6SLite for PC. Well, they have to use Android Emulators for sure.

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Why Android Emulators?

Android Emulators are becoming essential on Windows and MacOS. They are the famous App installers that are widely used for installing and running Android app on PC. P6SLite is the best example of Emulators. If anyone wants to install and use p6slite for PC on operating systems like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, MacOS Mojave, MacOS Catalina, MacOS Big Sur, and MacOS Monterey. The procedure to install P6SLite for PC is written below.

How to Download and Install P6SLite for PC

We are going to write down the procedure of installing P6SLite for PC, Windows, and Mac devices. These are the individual guides, installing P6SLite for Windows 11 (& Older versions) and installing P6SLite for MacOS.

P6SLite for PC

¹. Download BlueStacks 5 for Windows from the website. It is the latest version of BlueStacks that features the Android 10 components. It is lightning speed fast and runs like a stock OS on Android smartphones.

². After downloading, you need to run the BlueStacksMicroInstaller.exe file. Click on the Run option when prompt.

³. At the BlueStacks installation Windows, click on the Install button. The Software is around 360 to 400 MBs, so it will take few minutes for installing and extracting files.

App Installation

After installation, the BlueStacks home screen (looks like Android) appears in front of you. Look for the Google Play Store App and open it.

Enter the Google Account on Google Play Store inside BlueStacks 5 (One-time registration). An existing account will be appreciated otherwise you can create a new one too.

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Search for the P6SLite on Google Play Store. Click on the install button and get the P6SLite for PC inside the BlueStacks.

Installing P6SLite for Mac through Nox App Player

Step 1) At the Nox App Player starter pack, click on the Install now button. This is applicable if you downloaded the Nox App Player offline installer.

Step 2) Let the installation get completed. It will take 10 to 15 minutes for you, so keep patience! Obviously, file extraction takes due time.

Step 3) Once the installation gets completed! Users need to click on the complete button to move furhter.

Step 4) Afterwards, the Nox App Player will get ready to start. Wait for just a few seconds.

Step 5) Open the Google Play from the Nox App Player home. For the first time, it will ask you to sign in with your Google Account. It is compulsory to active Google Play Services. So that, you can download any app from Google Play Store on your device.

Step 6) Once you went through all initial formalities and registration processes, the Play Store will appear infront of you.

Step 7) Search the P6SLite App on Google Play Store. Open the app profile and click on the Install button.


That was all from us! By the way, if you are not an emualtor fan and don’t like them! We have plenty of other options at There is a hell of tools that is officially available on Windows and macOS. So, if someone won’t try those you are most welcome. Infact we suggest you all use tools like iVMS 4500 for PC, Accloud for PC, and many others. Visit our website for more.

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