Toucan Smart Home For PC, Windows 11 & Mac – Free Download

Toucan Smart Home For PC is an all-in-one smart home application for managing and connecting all Toucan products. This app allows you to manage surveillance cameras, Doorbell Cameras, Smart Home Devices, Smart Lights, Smart Switches, Lifestyle Products, and all future products that will be created by Toucan.

This application is offering an interface that provides easy access to every aspect of the application. Toucan is providing the easiest interface for the user that simplifies everything. This interface is built in a way that the user can experience the best usability with all Toucan products.

With Toucan products and Toucan App On PC or Smartphones, you can make your home a smart home. Use different ambient lights directly from the Toucan App or view the security footage of your Doorbell camera and see who has come to visit you. The Smart WiFi camera can also be connected and the live footage can easily be view with just a single click.

How To Download Toucan Smart Home For PC

Toucan Smart Home For PC The Toucan application is only available for Android and iOS platforms. The Toucan company has not created any Client software that can be installed on Windows or Mac OS devices. However, we are hoping to see a Client software because many users of Toucan products are demanding it. Because it has become a necessity in the modern world.

However, due to the high demand for Toucan App On PC, we are providing the alternative method. The alternative method requires the use of an Android emulator (BlueStacks Emulator). By using this emulator your PC will gain the power to run Android applications and games.

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First, download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your Windows or Mac system. Add a Gmail account to enable Google Play Services. Now You PC can download and install apps from the Google Play Store. Now follow the steps mentioned below to download Toucan App On PC.

  • From the home screen of the emulator open the Google Play Store.
  • User the search bar and search for Toucan Smart Home.
  • Click on the application to open it.
  • Now click on the green install button.

Toucan Smart Home For PC

The Toucan Smart home app will start downloading and install automatically. this is how you can get Toucan Smart Home For PC on your Windows or Mac devices.

Toucan Smart Home Security

The Toucan Smart Home application comes with many features that can make your life easy. For Example, if you want to rename your camera devices then you can easily do it. Make different folders and add cameras to them for quick easy access. See the live status of your camera’s devices and check if any camera is offline. If you did not turn off the camera yourself then, an offline camera is a red flag, and you have to approach the situation with caution.

Toucan Smart Home As A Complete Security System

This application allows you to monitor multiple camera devices with a few clicks. Add cameras to your home or office and easily manage them from a single application. View a separate live feed of your surveillance cameras or you choose the multi-viewing option for viewing multiple cameras simultaneously. Adjust the screen ratio according to your preference from the app settings menu.

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Advanced Security Options And Features

The Toucan Smart Home For PC app allows the user to communicate with the person in front of the camera. All Toucan Products comes with a built-in microphone. The live footage can be saved on your device’s local storage or directly to the cloud storage, select whichever you prefer. The playback option is also available and a built-in media player players all the footage for you.

Moreover, users can also set pre-recorded voice messages in case any intruder is trying to break in. Users also get the option to speak through the camera to scare away the intruder. If the intruder is still there you can call the emergency services with just a single tap.

Toucan Smart Home For PC

Toucan Smart Light Controles

The Toucan Smart light controls are fun to use because they allow the user to set the theme of the light ambiance that changes according to the user’s liking. Moreover, the user gets full access to the color selection, where he or she can select the color or merge them to create a unique color.

The user can schedule the smart lights to turn on and off with a single click. Or change the light intensity or customize the brightness. There are multiple levels of light intensity that can be selected directly from the app.

Smart Assistant

Add a smart assistant to the Toucan Smart Home application and perform some easy tasks. This assistant feature is currently available for smart light controls. However, in the near future, more functions will be added to the smart assistant. You can easily pair up with Alexa or Google Assistant within a matter of seconds.

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