How To Download Vimtag for PC [Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac]

The following article provides essential guidance to download Vimtag for PC. One purpose of writing this post is to help individuals watch their private live feeds on a computer. So they have the option of benefiting from the camera footage on a device of their choice. Further, no matter which method you decide from the section below, you will not be required to pay any extra charges.

3 Ways to Use Vimtag for PC [Windows and Mac]

Thanks to camera manufacturers, users have multiple options of viewing their Vimtag camera feeds on a computer. I have written three separate methods to achieve such a goal, you can pick any method that suits your requirement. I have tested all the related products and found them quite helpful in their way.

1. Official Client

The official Vimtag PC Client is quite easy to configure and use. It is available for both Windows & Mac devices. So users will not have to worry about any compatibility issues. However, before downloading and installing it, do read its system requirements.

Windows OS Mac OS
11/10/8/7 10.0 or Later
220MB free space 350MB free space

Download Vimtag for Windows

Download Vimtag for Mac

After downloading the packages from the above-provided links, do remember to extract them and launch the Vimtag Setup file from them, to proceed to the installation procedure.

CMS Installation

  • Hit the Next button, from the welcome instance of the installation wizardVimtag Setup
  • Click on the Browse button to customize the folder destination and hit InstallVimtag for PC
  • Now wait for a couple of seconds, until the CMS is installed on your computerVimtag for Windows
  • Check the Run Vimtag box and click on FinishVimtag for Mac
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Vimtag SignUp

  • Click on the SignUp link from the Vimtag login instanceVimtag SignUp
  • Enter a unique User ID and strong password to proceedVimtag for PC 6
  • Once the account is created, enter your account credentials and hit LoginVimtag Login

Device Configuration

  • From the Dashboard of the PC Client, click on Add a new deviceVimtag Configuration
  • Select your desired Cloud Surveillance deviceVimtag for PC 9
  • Now enter the Device ID and hit NextVimtag Configuration
  • After hearing the camera beep, connect your camera with the Wi-Fi router using the Ethernet CableVimtag for PC 12

Vimtag – Live Footage

  • Double-click on a connected Surveillance deviceVimtag for PC 13
  • Now the live feed of the selected device will be shown inside the PC ClientVimtag - Live Footage

2. Vimtag Web Application

The camera manufacturers have gifted us with Vimtag Web Application. So that users don’t have to worry about the installed OS, but only visit the official website to start watching their perspective live feed. Though, the web app contains a similar interface as the PC Client as well as the configuration procedure.

Vimtag Web Application

All of the famous web browsers are supported, but I would suggest you use the securest one. For that do prefer web browsers like DuckDuckGo or Brave. Click here to visit the official Vimtag Login page.

3. Vimtag App for PC

Another choice left for Windows & Mac device owners is to download Vimtag App for PC. Because the official Client and web application don’t contain certain facilities like zooming in the live feeds, users can benefit a lot from this procedure. They will have to take advantage of its smartphone app on PC.

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Vimtag App for PC

Rather than trying any lame emulators, individuals should use BlueStacks. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, every user can take full advantage of this App Player. All they have to do is download and install it by following software instructions. Thereafter, open it and visit the Play Store on it to install their desired app.

FAQs About Vimtag

Q) What Is Vimtag?

A) Vimtag is a free cloud video monitoring software. It helps users benefit from remote video surveillance services from any corner of the world. Gladly, the program is available for all major platforms. Users can also watch the live feeds on a web browser using its web application.

Q) How To Reset Vimtag Camera?

A) A small tiny button is present on the back of the Vimtag camera. Consumers need to use a pin or paper clip to press it. After the successful restart, the camera will beep, indicating that its bieng restarted. Now connect and configure that camera with the Cloud box and the monitoring device.

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