Download cMOB-20 for PC, Windows 11 & MacOS Computers

Get cMOB-20 for PC Download free through this tutorial. If any one of you wants a live video surveillance apps try the cMOB-20. An underrated tool that we find out after hours of research. Our team members always try to bring out the best of best surveillance tools for Android and PC.

An app that is complete from every angle, compatibility, stability, smoothness, responsiveness, controls, and active support. Well, after examining the app in detail we found out that cMOB-20 is one of the best additions to our website. We are going to explain the app in detail. Why it is so impressive and why we should download the cMOB-20 for PC.

What is cMOB-20?

It is the surveillance tool, which connects you with your IP Camera network. The app’s main focus is the IP Cameras, but it is also pretty good in dealing with and controlling the DVRs, NVRs, etc. The best thing is that the app is not dependent on any brand. It supports approximately all technologies of the advanced generations cameras of different brands.

cMOB-20 for PC


The cMOB-20 can be used on PC using many CCTV clients. So, you can say that maybe you don’t need the Android emualtors to download cMOB-20 for PC. Currently, you can install cMOB-20 for Android and cMOB-20 for iOS. If you want it on a computer then you can install and use cMOB-20 for Windows 11 and previous versions, cMOB-20 for MacOS 12 Monterey, and previous versions too. So, you can say the cMOB-20 compatibility game is literally complete.

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Deal with all Scales

There are three scales of using CCTV cameras, Small, medium, and large scale. Small means studio offices and house rooms, apartments, etc, cMOB-20 are best for home monitoring. A medium-scale enterprise or a large size home, cMOB-20 will let you connect with many cameras at a time, quantity is not limited. When it comes to large scale, a giant size headquarters, the entire company, etc, cMOB-20 never disappoints the clients. Currently, large-scale users are so much satisfied with cMOB-20 services. No lagging, no hanging, no unresponsive, this app is a pure class.


  • Instant real-time live remote monitoring through instant (P2P)
  • Instant real-time live monitoring through IP/cpplusddns
  • Remote playback
  • Recording and play
  • Snapshot and pictures searching
  • Bidirectional talk
  • PTZ control
  • Scanning serial number by QR code
  • Cloud user register and modify
  • Remote device add, edit and delete
  • Local device add, edit and delete
  • Adding device by address
  • A manually searching device in LAN
  • Version updating automatically
  • Alarm Push

We highly recommend our users download cMOB-20 for PC. As the app is more suitable on big screens as compared to smartphones and tablets. Although there is no encumbrance in using it on phones this thing is not eye-friendly.

How to Download cMOB-20 for PC

As we already told you that cMOB-20 for PC is not available. So, we have to emulate Android cMOB-20 for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS Monterey, and Big Sur.

If someone wants to try a different emulation software, consider Nox App Player, equally good as BlueStacks. So, Viewers! That’s why Android Emulators are important. Thanks to these we can use the apps like cMOB-20 for PC and P6SPro for PC.

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Installation of cMOB-20 for PC

Follow the guide written below to install cMOB-20 for computers. Please follow it step by step, don’t mess with the sequence.

Download BlueStacks

You would require an Android emulator that allows you to install Android apps on your PC. We will advocate BlueStacks because it is strolling the latest Android version and now and then they launch new updates. Click Here to download BlueStacks.

Download cMOB-20 APK

You can start the installation cMOB-20 from Google Play on BlueStacks but on occasion, it doesn’t work. To ensure you get to install in cMOB-20 to your PC, we would endorse you ought to try putting in it the usage of the APK method. For that, you may require the cMOB-20 APK for your PC.

Install cMOB-20 on PC

Now that you have both, Launch BlueStacks on your PC. Click on the Install APK button located at the bottom right side of the screen and select the APK that you have downloaded in the second step. Click on Open to start the installation process.

cMOB-20 for PC

1• Download cMOB-20 APK File on the computer. Locate the cMOB-20 for APk File in PC and right-click on it. Click on the Open with option and select BlueStacks.

2• Now BlueStacks will automatically start the installation of cMOB-20 App APK. Once installation is completed you can see the cMOB-20 for App at BlueStacks Home Screen.

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