Download gCMOB HD for PC, Windows 11 Laptop/Desktop

Do you want gCMOB HD for PC? This is the tutorial that can fulfill your demand. gCMOB HD is the pro version of the famous surveillance tool gCMOB which is already drafted on CCTVTEAM. Today we are writing about the gCMOB HD for PC and how to download it on computer. In addition to the procedure, we will also discuss the best ways to get it on cross-platform.

Our main goal is Windows and MacOS users facilitation. How they can install gCMOB HD for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and also macOS Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave.

App Compatibility and Stability Overview

gCMOB HD compatibility is so strong. It comes on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS with different names and clients’ software. It may not be directly available but it has links with a lot of CMSs.

If we check the Android surveillance tool on Google Play Store, all tools have the same complaints and that is stability. Every update brings the issues and the next one brings more. Even the top tools like Hik Connect and V380 have the same problem. If the means to be for security, the app should be responsive 24/7.

Fortunately, we still have few options left in surveillance monitoring tools that have better stability. gCMOB HD was pretty good for a while then the app’s new updates brought so many bugs and issues. The app was updated in March 2017 last time. After the last update, there are mixed reviews of the users. Some are saying it best and some are saying it worst.

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gCMOB HD Overview

This app is a video surveillance tool, that connects you with the camera for monitoring. Users can monitor as well as control live video streaming from the IP Cam Network. Along with the IPC this app also supports the DVRs, NVRs as well. So, app camera source support is nearly complete, it supports all three major sources. It offers some basic features too for example Push Alarm, Video Playback, Invisible Task wheel, Finger Gesture, Windows Slide.


What makes gCMOB HD unique is the number of camera limitations. No other app has clearly mentioned that how many cameras it can support. gCMOB HD is totally unique in this matter. The developer clearly mentions that the gCMOB HD will support 16 Channel Preview and 16 Channel Playback.

Features of gCMOB HD

  • An instant playback which you can do even during the live video stream.
  • Supports InstaOn-Instant Cloud Service for CP Plus DVR/NVR & IP Cameras.
  • Tap and slide to open or preview the next camera, all you need is just a touch.
  • Zoom-in videos during the live stream are now that incredible.
  • 2-way communication support for the house owners and members and maids.

How to install gCMOB HD on Windows 11

Maybe Windows 11 will finish the whole decade era of Android emualtors. The thing which you were getting from the Emulators is now available in the stock operating system. I think that is enough to say that Android apps on Windows 11 are now possible directly without any middle software. Microsoft has introduced the Windows subsystem for Android.

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Through the WSA on Windows 11 users can install Google Play Services and Google Play Store on their device. It means they can install any Android app including the gCMOB HD for PC. By the way, Windows 11 comes with the Amazon App Store built-in also.

Getting gCMOB HD for PC, Windows 10

The task is impossible without the involvement of Android Emulators. Such software is the one that lets us download those Android Apps whose PC version is not developed just like gCMOB HD for PC. Due to the Android Emulation PC users can use mobile Applications.

Installation of gCMOB HD on Windows is a pretty straightforward procedure.

  1. First, Download BlueStacks, and second, install it on Windows Laptop/Desktop whatever you are using.
  2. Now download gCMOB HD APK on your device. You can Download the gCMOB HD App APK file from any APK provider like,, etc.
  3. Now you need to drag and drop the APK file into BlueStacks home. Click on the install option if the confirmation prompts.
  4. After installation of the APK file, you are ready to use the gCMOB HD for PC but only inside the emulator.

Installation Steps of gCMOB HD on macOS

Likewise, the gCMOB HD for PC Windows procedure, installation of gCMOB HD on PC Mac is also easy. Here are the steps for downloading and using the gCMOB HD.apk for Macbook Air/Pro and other macOS devices.

  1. Download Nox App player from our guide, or use the official source that is their website.
  2. Install the Nox on Mac and complete the initial formalities.
  3. Once the Nox home screen appears, drag and drop the APK file into Nox and click on the install option.
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That’s all! you had successfully got the gCMOB HD for PC Windows 11 and Mac OS devices. We had already drafted the guide on gCMOB HD official CMS for PC.

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