Download HQx Live for PC, Windows, Mac [2021 Guide]

Here I present a guide to help my readers download HQx Live for PC. So they have the option of controlling the CSx Monitors from a computer. The methods I will be sharing with you, don’t require you to pay any additional charges. Because some of them are provided by the manufacturers of the supported monitors.

How Do I Use HQx Live for PC?

Masses are required to implement distinct procedures depending upon their operating systems. Meaning, Windows users have the option of benefiting from the HQ Software. But unfortunately, such a utility is only compatible with Windows OS, so Mac users have to assist with a different program for emulating Android OS on their system.

1. HQx Live for Windows

Allow me to provide the software specifications, so you can avoid any compatibility issues. I have also added a safe download link for the latest version of the software. And because the added file is compressed, you need to extract it and then launch the HQx Software file to execute the installation.

HQx Software
Operating System Windows 11/10/8.1/8
Developer SeeScan, Inc.
Processor Intel Core-i5 or AMD

Download for Windows


  • First of all, agree to the software license and click on the Install button.HQx Software for PC
  • Now, wait until the InstallShield is initialized.HQx Live for PC 2
  • From the Welcome interface, click on the Next button.HQx Live for PC
  • Confirm your action by clicking on the Install button.HQx Live for PC 4
  • Afterward, hit the Finish button to exit the InstallShield.HQx Live for Windows


  • On the configuration tab, select the following features or just go with the default selections:
    1. Language
    2. Television Format Standard
    3. Default display units
    4. Default display precision
    5. SampleHQx Live Configuration
  • On the next tab, click on the Finish button to proceed.HQx Live for PC 7
  • From the SeeSnake HQ Setup window, click on the Close button.HQx Live for PC
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HQx Live Home

Once you have completed the installation process, launch HQx Live from the desktop of your PC. You will not be required to perform any money plan subscriptions, because you are directly taken to its home interface. From where you can start adding as many jobs as you please.HQx Live Home

HQx Live Sign In

From the home interface of the HQ Client, you can complete the sign-in procedure to synchronize your account data from your smartphone to your computer. You will only be required to enter your email address or password, before clicking on the Sign In button. However, if you are using the Client for the first time, simply hit the Sign Up link and enter the required details to complete the task.HQx Live Sign In

HQx Live Update

Before starting a software update, ensure that your device is connected to the internet connection. Afterward, click on the Updates tab and select the Update HQ Software option from the provided list. You can also view the list of older versions and even install them if that pleases you.HQx Live Update

HQx Equipment Update

Users are also allowed to update their HQx equipment software directly from the Client’s interface. For that, they are required to click on the Update button, and on the next window, select the type and model of the preferred equipment. Now allow the software to connect their device with its servers for software upgrading.HQx Equipment Update

2. HQx Live for Mac

Android emulators can assist well in emulating Android OS on a Mac device. Such programs are particularly designed for individuals who wish to install Android applications like HQx Live App for PC. So you can benefit from the same software to complete such a task for free.HQx Live App for PC

  • Download & Install BlueStacks.
  • Launch BlueStacks and visit Google Play Store on it.
  • Complete the Google Play Services Login procedure.
  • Open the HQx Live page on the play store and install it.
  • Thereafter, click on the Open button to launch HQx Live for Mac.
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FAQs About HQx Live

Q) How Do I Connect CSx Monitor with HQx Live?

A) Make sure that your CSx Monitors and smartphone/computer are connected with the same network. Now from the network settings of your monitoring device (smartphone/computer), select your preferred CSx monitor from the provided list and once your device is connected to it, the app will recognize it automatically.

Q) Can I Change My CSx Monitor Name?

A) Yes, you are allowed to customize the name of your CSx Monitors. On your monitor, navigate to Settings >> Monitor name. Confirm your action and enter your desired name. And, if your monitor doesn’t have a keyboard, you need to hit the select button to get the onscreen keyboard.

Q) How Do I Import Jobs in HQ Software?

A) Multiple options are provided for users who wish to import jobs in the HQ Software. They can either upload their jobs in Google Drive or Dropbox and then import them inside the software. Alternatively, connect a USB drive with their computer and wait for the software to detect and import the jobs automatically.

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