Download iWFCam for PC [Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac]

The presented article specifies a solution to download iWFCam for PC. Gladly, its client is officially available for all the major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems. However, my focus will be on delivering the methods to install, configure, and live view camera feeds on a computer.

How Do I Use iWFCam for PC?

The IPCMultiView CMS can be resourceful in controlling surveillance devices from a computer. Users of Windows & Mac devices can benefit from this software, without having to pay any charges. They do need to install & configure it correctly, so they can start viewing the live feeds on a bigger display.

CMS Requirements

Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac OS X
Developer Xin.Zhang
Processor Intel Core-i3 and Apple M1

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Note: The files that you can download are compressed. So you decompress/extract them and launch the IPCMultiView Setup file, before proceeding to the installation or configuration process.


  • From the welcome interface of the InstallShield, click on the Next button.IPCMultiView Setup
  • Browse to customize the folder destination or let it be. You can also select whether to allow the Client privileges to every user, or just to yourself. If you want your account to stay private, select the “Just me” option and click on the Next button.iWFCam for PC
  • Click on the Next button from the Confirm Installation instance and wait until the installation progress bar is completed.iWFCam for PC 3
  • Once you are notified about the successful installation of IPCMultiView, click on the Finish button.iWFCam for Mac
  • Command your operating system to Allow Access to all the features of the Client.iWFCam for Windows
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After closing the InstallShield, you need to double-click on the icon of the CMS to launch it. At the login instance, you only need to type “admin” inside the box of username. Leave the password field empty and click on the “Please Login” button. Afterward, wait for the CMS to direct you towards its dashboard.iWFCam Login


The process of configuration is quite simple in this CMS. Users can start to configure the cameras by clicking on the IPC icon placed on the tools bar. Thereafter, enter the required device details like camera name, IP address, port number, etc. And, once done, click on the Ok button to add it to the list of connected devices.iWFCam Configuration

Live Footage

After successfully configuring the cameras, navigate back to the home interface of the CMS. From there, select your preferred camera devices from the left pane. By default, a user is allowed to select six devices of whom he wishes to view the live feeds. Further, view any one of the live feeds on the full screen whenever he pleases.iWFCam Live Footage

FAQs about iWFCam

Q) What Is iWFCam?

A) iWFCam is a free surveillance tool designed to provide remote video surveillance services. It comes with a bunch of good features like real-time view, video playback, and photo capture. Users can benefit from its services to keep an eye on their households 24/7.

Q) Is PTZ Supported by iWFCam?

A) Yes, iWFCam for PC supports a Pan-Tilt-Zoom facility to help users protect their property from mishaps. The icon of PTZ is available in the client that allows you to get an onscreen joystick to control the activities of your installed cameras.

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Q) How Many Devices Can Be Connected to iWFCam?

A) Individuals are allowed to connect as many devices as they please. However, on a singular interface, they will only be allowed to view 34 live feeds. Else, he will have to locate and view the preferred live feeds from the available list to view them individually.

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