CMS Guide: Download VezcoGo for PC [Windows 11 & macOS 12]

The following article indicates a solution to download VezcoGo for PC. It’s drafted to help individuals access surveillance devices like DVRs, NVRs, and IPC from a computer. No need of paying any charges to accomplish such a goal, just get the right software that’s compatible with your operating system.

How Do I Use VezcoGo for PC?

Windows users have the option of using an official CMS named VezPro, it’s available for free and can be used to configure and connect surveillance devices. Similarly, Mac users are requested to benefit from a third-party program to use the same Android application on their devices. So I will describe both solutions in the following section.

1. CMS Procedure

VezPro CMS
Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7
Developer FPC Security
Processor Intel Core-i5 or above

Download for Windows

Notice: The added folder is compressed, so you will be required to decompress it and launch the VezPro Setup file to start the installation process.


  • From the first instance of the InstallShield, perform the following actions:
    1. Select features to be installed.
    2. Choose folder destination.
    3. Click on the Install button.VezPro Setup
  • Wait until the installation progress bar is completed and CMS is installed correctly.VezcoGo for PC
  • Once the installation is completed, do the following:
    1. Check the “Create a desktop icon” box.
    2. Select the “Launch Client” checkbox.
    3. Click on the “Finish” button.VezcoGo for Mac
  • Command Windows OS to allow full program access on both private and public networks.VezcoGo for Windows
  • Enable the Upgrade Detection to get notified whenever a new Client update is available.VezcoGo for PC 5
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  • Enter a unique username, a strong password, and click on the Login button.VezcoGo Login 1
  • Choose preferred security questions and provide correct answers to proceed.VezcoGo Login
  • Enable the Auto-Backup toggle and make preferred selections.VezcoGo Login 3


  • From the home tab, click on the Device Management link.VezcoGo Configuration 1
  • Click on the +Add button and enter the required device details in the appearing popup.VezcoGo Configuration

Main View

  • After successfully configuring the devices, navigate back to the Control Panel of the CMS.VezcoGo Main View 1
  • Select the Main View tab to watch the live footage of your cameras.VezcoGo Main View

2. VezcoGo App for PC (Windows & Mac)

An alternative way for Windows users and the only way for Mac device owners is to get an Android emulator. Because such a utility can be used to install Android applications on a computer. And if you are getting the right software, you will not be required to perform any complicated configuration steps.

VezcoGo App for PC

One of the top-notch Android emulators is BlueStacks. Because this software is capable of providing efficient services without forcing a user to pay any additional charges. You can get it from an official source and install it on your computer by following the onscreen prompts. Thereafter, launch Google Play Store on it to install the VezcoGo App for PC.

FAQs About VezcoGo

Q) What Is VezcoGo?

A) VezcoGo is a free video monitoring tool designed to help owners of surveillance devices. It helps them access live footage remotely, without having to pay any extra charges. The Client name for computers is VezPro that’s also provided by the manufacturers of the supported devices.

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Q) Do VezcoGo Support Playback?

A) Yes, remote Video Playback support is added in both VezcoGo and VezPro clients. So that smartphone and PC owners have the option of exporting and viewing the recorded media. All of the saved videos can be viewed directly from the Client’s gallery.

Q) Does VezcoGo Support Motion Detection?

A) Individuals can benefit from the motion detection support from VezcoGo for PC. They can receive instant notifications regarding the activities that triggered the motion alarms. Further, take mandatory actions to protect their households from invaders and burglars.

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