Download iUVS Pro for PC, Windows 11/Windows 10, MacOS Laptop

Do you have a question about how to use iUVS Pro for PC in your mind? We have multiple options either we can take the same Android App on Computer. Or, we can download a separate PC iUVS Pro by URMET. Both options are good and both apps/software works extremely well with stability and without interruptions. We are posting the guides to install iUVS Pro on Windows. Download iUVS Pro for PC and get your Computer connected with NVRs / HVRs URMET. Most of us may hear about the URMET!

iUVS Pro for PC – Overview

It is an Italian company that designs and manufactures high-value integrated building communication and security systems to make installers’ work easier. It may not be popular globally but in Italy, it is like the HikVision of Italy. Absolutely top choice of the building owners and vast property owners for the remote video surveillance management.

iUVS Pro is the application of URMET which they designed for smartphone users. People who are using the URMET Cameras, NVR, or HVR at home and have smartphones can install this app. It is available on Android and iOS. There is a benefit of using Urmet iUVS pro on Android and iOS phones. You are getting on the go service, wherever you are just open iUVS Pro on your phone and you can monitor home or office.

iUVS Pro for PC

You know what matters most in the CMS, it is the playback recording during live video coverage. That’s the most compulsory thing you need in CMS. Urmet iUVS Pro deal with it pretty well. Even users cal playback the video with audio as well even during the surveillance is continued. Remember, the Audio playback feature will be only for those users whose cameras have the audio recording option.

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Key Features of iUVS Pro

  • Audio/Video Live Multichannel Stream with individual live video preview tabs.
  • Autosense icons for device management – All matters in one place!
  • The app offers both Portrait and landscape modes. Portrait for smartphone and landscape is more suitable on PC.
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (Not a feature, it is essential).
  • You can snapshot and video shot any portion during the live video or the recorded video.
  • Add as many cameras as you want, the company can create more space on CMS for their clients.
  • Fisheye cameras management, Remote device configuration what else you want.

More about the iUVS pro App

Apart from just turning a smartphone into a surveillance camera, this app offers alot of additional and basic features too. Now when it comes to monitoring users get multiple options. They can use the same iUVS pro App to view surveillance remotely. This application also works with video surveillance software, such as – Security Monitor Pro and IP Camera Viewer. This PC software will also let you monitor the live CCTV coverage coming from the Urmet UVS in real-time. Also, users can use the web link of URMET to watch live video surveillance through the browser.

Visit the official Website to get more options and information in detail. Users can use free trial os CMS for the check. According to our conclusion, we will highly appreciate the presence of the iUVS Pro on your PC.

Installing iUVS pro for Windows & MacOS

Same as the Android iUVS pro App, you can also view live footage of a cam on PC devices using the same app. With the help of Android Emulator, you can download the iUVS pro for Windows and Mac devices.

  1. Download Emulator likes BlueStacks or Nox App Player.
  2. Setup the emulator to make it ready for use through the on-screen instructions.
  3. Open Google Play Store from the home screen of the emulator.
  4. Now search for iUVS pro using the search bar.
  5. Open the app and click on the Green install button.
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The iUVS pro app will start downloading and will install on your emulator. This is how you can get an iUVS pro For a PC by using this alternative method.

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