Download SCS Pro for PC, Windows 11 & MacOS Computer

We brought another super cool video surveillance tool for Android known as SCS Pro. A truly underrated app and a lot of people don’t know about this. Still, the app managed to get 100 thousand downloads which is a milestone. Security Surveillance tools are the need of every home and office person who is using CCTV cameras. Security Cameras alone are not enough, you need to have a tool on the monitoring screen.

The proper camera setup already have the monitoring screen which is connected to the DVR, that is medium of live monitoring. When it comes to watch live video feed on phone or laptop, you need another middle party that is known as smartphone surveillance app. You can find a bunch of them in the smartphones market. But picking one authentic piece from the entire stock is really a difficult task. So, what we do is saving your time and effort in picking that one perfect app. Our team digs down deep and bring the best of best option which is a complete one. Also, we guide our viewers how to download SCS Pro for PC and other Android surveillance tools on computer oriented devices.

What is SCS Pro?

The SCS Pro App allow the users to access their security cameras at any time. SCS Pro is compatible with the CCTVSecurityProsLite Pro and Extreme series Digital Video Recorders, and IP cameras from your Droid phone. Through such a strong compatibility you can watch the live video feed at anytime and anywhere.

SCS Pro for PC

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You know what makes the SCS Pro more fascinating, the aamounf of cameras! Usually smartphone  apps by a non brand developer is poor in multiple camera support. They stuck if you had added 5 to 6 cameras but SCS Pro app is something different. You can add up to 16 cameras at a time. The sixteen live video preview tabs looking together make us feel we are using a really high detailed and well written app. There is one more thing about this app which is very rare, You can also monitor multiple DVRs at the same time.


Here are the different things that you can do using the SCS Pro app.

  • User’s can get command on camera controls like the Pan, Tilt and Zoom using the Android App.
  • If the cameras have microphone and speakers, the users can also experience the 2 way conversations. Remember this feature depends on your camera either they have sound attachments or not.
  • If there are specific camera that you access the most on the SCS Pro, you can create favorite groups of your most important cameras for easy viewing and easily swipe between groups of cameras favorited or not.

That was all about the SCS Pro app and its features. Now we will guide you how you can download SCS Pro for PC. The guide written here will let you install SCS Pro on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and macOS oriented Laptops.

How to Download SCS Pro for PC

As the SCS Pro is the Android only app, Our focus is on the Android version of SCS Pro, we need an Android emulator to assist us. Android emulators emulate Android apps like SCS Pro for Windows 11 and macOS 11. So, if users want to install a SCS Pro for PC, laptops, and Desktop computers, use BlueStacks for Windows or Nox for macOS  or vice versa.

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Installing SCS Pro for PC through Nox App Player

Step 1) At the Nox App Player starter pack, click on the Install now button. This is applicable if you downloaded the Nox App Player offline installer.

Step 2) Let the installation get completed. It will take 10 to 15 minutes for you, so keep patience! Obviously, file extraction takes due time.

Step 3) Once the installation gets completed! Users need to click on the complete button to move furhter.

Step 4) Afterwards, the Nox App Player will get ready to start. Wait for just a few seconds.

Step 5) Open the Google Play from the Nox App Player home.

  1. For the first time, it will ask you to sign in with your Google Account.
  2. It is compulsory to active Google Play Services. So that, you can download any app from Google Play Store on your device.

Step 6) Once you went through all initial formalities and registration processes, the Play Store will appear infront of you.

Step 7) Search the SCS Pro App on Google Play Store. Open the app profile and click on the Install button.

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