Download YESKAMO for PC, Windows, Mac (2021)

Here I present instructions to help users Download YESKAMO for PC. So that users can avail themselves of the option of accessing their surveillance devices from a computer. I have added solutions for the convenience of individuals who are interested in accessing the app’s services on Windows and Mac OS.

How Can I Use YESKAMO for PC?

The method of using the YESKAMO supported cameras on a computer is simple. You have to get a CMS that supports connection with your surveillance devices. In that case, you have the option to use the EseeCloud Client on your Windows or Mac devices. In addition, I will describe an unofficial solution to help you use the same smartphone app on your Computer.

1. YESKAMO on Windows PC and Mac

The EseeCloud CMS can be used to control the surveillance devices from PC. You can get the Client’s file from the given links, after viewing the software requirements in the image file provided below. Further, do extract the downloaded files, as I have added compressed packages.YESKAMO for PC Requirements

Download for Windows

Download for Mac


  • After launching the Setup file, click on the I agree button to proceed.YESKAMO for PC
  • Customize the default folder path for recording media (Optional) and hit Install.YESKAMO for Windows
  • Wait until the Client’s files are extracted and uploaded on your system.YESKAMO for Mac
  • Once the installation process is completed, check the “Run EseeCloud” box and hit Finish.YESKAMO on Windows PC


The client will launch and take you directly to its login interface. Now, your job is to enter the account details to log into the CMS. If you are a new user, you can enter the default username as “admin” and leave the password field blank. Now, click on the Login button to proceed to the CMS.YESKAMO Login

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  • From the home instance of the Client, click on the “+Add Device” blue-colored icon.YESKAMO for PC Interface
  • Next up, select the “IP/DDNS” or “Cloud ID” protocol and enter the preferred details in the respective boxes.YESKAMO Configuration

Live View

Once you have successfully configured the surveillance devices, you need to navigate back to the Client’s main interface. From there, select a surveillance device from the right-pane to view its live footage. Various functions like playback and user parameter can be enabled from the live viewing interface.YESKAMO Live View

2. YESKAMO App for PC

Somehow, if you are only interested in using the YESKAMO app on your computer, you need to acquire the services of an Android emulator. You can get such software for Windows or Mac operating systems. And use the gotten emulator to emulate Android OS on your device.YESKAMO App for PC

It would be best to use the services of BlueStacks App Player, to emulate Mobile OS. Because this emulator is free to use and provides services better than its competitors. You can get its file from an official source and install it by following the onscreen prompts. Afterward, launch Google Play Store on it to install desired Android application.


Q) What is YESKAMO?

A) YESKAMO is a free remote video surveillance application that supports connection with YESKAMO CCTV Systems. It contains various built-in facilities like remote playback, user parameter selection, snapshot, etc.

Q) How to Reset YESKAMO Camera?

A) You need to use an ejector pin to long-press the reset button for about five seconds. To be sure, release the reset button after hearing the “bugu” sound.

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Q) How to Reset YESKAMO Password?

A) Users need to navigate to the app’s settings and select System Setup >> System Admin. From there, tap on User >> Set Password. Now, enter the preferred passcode to designate to their account. The username still remains “admin” for all accounts.

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