Download MontavueGO for PC, Windows, Mac [2022]

Consultation is provided to help individuals download MontavueGO for PC. Gladly, this software is officially available for Windows and Mac operating systems. So there will be no need of using any third-party software for controlling the surveillance devices from a computer. And, I will guide you properly on the procedure required to connect and configure your cameras using Montavue software.

How Do I Use MontavueGO for PC?

Downloading the Montavue GO CMS isn’t enough because you are also required to install it. And once you have installed the Client, you also need to register with the CMS and configure it depending upon your requirements. So if you are unaware of such procedures, consult with the following section.

Download Links and Details

Montavue GO
Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac
RAM 3GB or above
Developer Montavue LLC
Processor Intel Core-i3 or Apple M1

Download for Windows

Download for Mac


Note: Extract the downloaded folder and then launch the MontavueGO Setup file, because I have added a compressed package.

  • After launching the Setup file of the CMS, select your preffered language and agree to the software license agreement, before proceeding.Montavue GO Setup
  • Choose whether you only wish to install the CMS or you also wish to install the Storage Service and click on the Next button.MontavueGO for PC
  • Now, wait for the installation progress to be completed.MontavueGO for Windows
  • Once the software is completely installed on your system, check the “Run MontavueGO” box and hit Finish.MontavueGO for Mac


  • To pass the registration panel, add a strong password for your Montavue account.MontavueGO Registration
  • Choose security questions and answer them, so you can also retrieve your account, in case you forgot the password.MontavueGO Login
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  • From the Devices tab, click on the “+Add Device” button to initiate the manual configuration process.MontavueGO Configuration
  • On the Configuration panel, type the requested details and click on the “Add” button.MontavueGO Add Devices

Live View

After configuring the cameras within MontavueGO, you can navigate to the Live View section to watch the real-time live feeds. All the nesscary facilities can be triggered by clicking on the perspective icons. Also, you can select your preffered camera feeds from the left sidebar.MontavueGO Live View

FAQs About MontavueGO

Q) What is MontavueGO?

A) MontavueGO is a free video monitoring tool developed to work with Montavue surveillance devices. It can be used by users who wish to secure their property from burglars or invaders. The software doesn’t irritate a user with any limitations, so one can connect as many cameras as he likes to.

This application comes with various services that are beneficial according to remote video surveillance services. It allows a user to access the saved media from wherever he pleases, thanks to the video playback facility. Further, it supports connection with PTZ cameras, and such cameras can be controlled by using MontavueGO PC Client.

Q) Can You Download MontavueGO App for PC?

A) Yes, it is possible to download MontavueGO App on your PC. But it works great only for those who are willing to take advantage of its smartphone app’s services. Because then, they will be required to install & use an Android emulator, to emulate Android OS on their system.

For such a cause, users can avail themselves of the services of BlueStacks. They just need to download the software and install it. Afterward, launch it and open the Google Play Store inside it. And, perform a simple procedure to install MontavueGO by using Google Play Services.

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Q) What Video Resolutions are Supported by MontavueGO?

A) Various video resolutions are supported by MontavueGO, which means that you can view your camera feeds in high resolution. To be specific, it can be used with devices with support to H.264 and H.265 video resolutions.

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