Download XProtect Mobile for PC [Win 11 & Mac 12]

Want an app that can show you live video feeds of your CCTV cameras? Try the XProtect Mobile for PC. We will guide you on how to install the mobile app XProtect Camera for PC although it is an Android smartphone app. We have a couple of ways to use this app on Windows and MacOS. We will write down the procedure to install and use XProtect Mobile after the app introduction and features explanation. If someone doesn’t want to read the app overview of its features, he or she can directly go to the guide section. But, it’s better to check the app’s capability before giving it a try.

The guide written here is applicable on installing the XProtect Mobile for Windows 11, XProtect Mobile for Windows 10, XProtect Mobile for Windows 8 and 7, XProtect Mobile for MacOS above Mojave 10.14.

What is XProtect Mobile?

This is the security surveillance viewer app or you can say IP Camera Viewer. It connects with the IP Camera Network, DVR, NVR, and other security systems. The main purpose of this app is to provide on-Go security monitoring. The smartphone is like a pocket computer, you can easily carry it with your anywhere. So, it makes a lot of sense to install XProtect Mobile on Android or iOS smartphones. It will show the live videos of each and every camera in the network. And, if your camera has pan, tilt, Zoom and other advance features like Motion Detection, Heat Detection, Sound Detection the XProtect Mobile will notify you of each, and everything also, let you control them.

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Suitable for Homes and Offices

The XProtect Mobile is a new school now, Previously it seems like its developers forgot that they have an app! It is suitable for homes and offices depending upon the size and number of cameras you have in your security camera network. It can manage 8 and more cameras easily but there is a limit. Compatible with XProtect Corporate, XProtect Expert, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Essential+, and the Milestone Husky NVR series.

XProtect Mobile for PC

The XProtect Mobile is available in 31 languages the application lets you conveniently view live video. It also has the playback and export recorded video, listen to audio, and speak through the camera-connected speakers using the Push-To-Talk button.

How Do I Use XProtect Mobile for PC?

An app like XProtect Mobile should be available for computers. But unfortunately, its services are limited to mobile platforms, so I will teach you a solution to help you in getting the XProtect Mobile App for PC. You are allowed to use the BlueStacks emulator, to emulate Android OS on your computer. View the system requirements of the App Player and download its file from the given link, before proceeding to its installation steps.

XProtect Mobile for PC

Windows OS Mac OS
11/10/8/7 10.0 or later
At least 4GB RAM At least 4GB RAM

Download BlueStacks for Windows & Mac

  • After downloading the BlueStacks file on your system, follow the onscreen prompts, until it’s installed.
  • Once the installation process is completed, launch it from the desktop of your machine.
  • From its home interface, click on the Google Play Store icon.
  • Enter the required details to log in with Google Play Services.
  • Use the play store’s search bar to open XProtect Mobile.
  • Click on the Install button and wait until the app installation is completed.
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The install button will be replaced with the Open button, once the installation is successful. You can click on that Open button to launch XProtect Mobile for PC. As if you are not interested in launching this app from the play store, you can navigate to the My Apps section on BlueStacks and launch the app from there.

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