AVerDiGi For PC, Windows 11 & Mac – Free Download

Download AVerDiGi For PC Client and gain access to view the security footage of multiple devices directly from the Client app. In this article, you will find the installation method of AVerDiGi For Windows, AVerDiGi For Mac, AVerDiGi on Android, and AVerDiGi on iPhone.

About AVerDiGi

AVerDiGi is a professional Client software that allows the user to view live security footage with just a few clicks. With this Client software, the user can view the camera devices, change the viewing angles, modify the settings, and add new camera devices to the Client software for viewing their live security footage.

The user can use this Client software to remotely access the camera devices from anywhere around the world. Moreover, there are many security protocols to protect the user. Whenever the user login to the software, the device IP address and other information are saved in the Client app.

So, the user can easily login into the Client software in the future. Moreover, the user can also delete this information from the Client settings, if they are selling the device or disposing of their old system. Moreover, the AVer company was established at the beginning of 2008. This company is offering many device and security products.

AVerDiGi For PC

How To Download AVerDiGi For PC

You can download the AVerDiGi Client software from this article. Here I have added the official Client software that can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Download AVerDiGi For Windows

Here is the official Client software of AVerDiGi For Windows. Download this software on your Windows PC. Moreover, the setup file is stored in a Zip folder. The user has to extract the setup file from the zip folder by using a third-party extraction tool, or you use the windows official extraction tool.

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Download AVerDiGi On Windows (32-bit)

Download AVerDiGi For Mac

If you want to download AVerDiGi Client For Mac, then unfortunately there is no Client software. However, you can use the alternative method. With this alternative method, you can gain access to the services of AVerDiGi on your Mac PC. If you want to learn about this method, then keep reading, it is provided at the end of the article.

Download AVerDiGi For Samrtphones

You can download the AVerDiGi Application on your Android and Apple device. By clicking on the link given below, you will be directed to the Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store to download the AVerDiGi app on Apple devices. Get access to the same Client software in the form of an app on your smartphone and monitor your home and office while traveling.

AVerDiGi For Android

AVerDiGi For iPhone & iPad

How To Install AVerDiGi PC Client (Windows)

I am supposing that you have downloaded the Client software from the link given above and have already extracted the setup file. If you have completed these steps, then follow the method given below.

  • Double click on the extracted setup file of AVerDiGi. The following window will open. Click on the Next button.

AVerDiGi For PC

  • Now select the install location or use the default install location. And click on the Next button.

AVerDiGi For PC

  • On the next screen, select if you want a Shortcut folder for every user of the PC or just for the administrator. Click on the Next button.
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AVerDiGi For PC

  • The installation of AVerDiGi will now begin.

AVerDiGi For PC

  • Click on the Finish button once completed.

AVerDiGi For PC

This is how you can install AVerDiGi For PC.

Login to AVerDiGi Client

After completing the installation, the login page will appear. However, you only have to set the password and use the default username. Here enter the password and then confirm the password by entering it again. Now click on the Next button.

AVerDiGi For PC

On the next page, answer the three security questions. In case you forget your password, these answers will help you access the Client software. Now click on the Finish button.

AVerDiGi For PC

Now go back to the login screen, and enter your default username and the password you have created to login into the AVerDiGi Client software.

AVerDiGi For PC

After login, the home screen will welcome you.

Add Devices To AVerDiGi

On the home screen, locate the Devices option, this option is located under the configuration section at the bottom side of the screen. Click on it.

AVerDiGi For PC

Now tap on the Add device option.

AVerDiGi For PC

The following screen will appear, here enter the device information that you want to add. Now click on the Add button to add the device. (Repeat the process to add more devices to the Client software).

Live View With AVerDiGi

Go back to the home screen and tap on the Liv view option at the top of the screen. From here you can view all of the devices that are added to the Client software.

AVerDiGi For PC

Install AVerDiGi For Mac (Alternative Method)

Follow the given method to get AVerDiGi Client software on Mac. This method involves the usage of an Android emulator.

  • Download & Install BlueStacks Emulator on your Mac PC.
  • Now launch the BlueStacks emulator
  • Add your Active Gmail to enable Google Play Services
  • Now open the Google Play Store App on your device.
  • Search and open AVer AndroidViewer HD.
  • Make sure the app is offered by AVer Information, Inc.
  • Now click on the Install button.
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This is how you can easily install AVerDiGi For PC on your Mac device.

This article was regarding AVerDiGi For PC. Ask questions in the comment section below. Thank You for your time and keep supporting CCTVTeam.

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