Download MVS Pro for PC, Windows 11/Windows 10 & MacOS

We are writting down the procedure for downloading MVS Pro for PC. A surveillance tool that makes your camera monitoring, camera management easier and more efficient. This is the general client that is compatible with many types and brands of CCTVs. One-time download and installation on the computer can diminish a lot of hurdles for you.

This tutorial demonstrates the theoretical procedure with image illustrations. Making it for the average user or computer beginner to understand easily, how to install MVS Pro on Windows 11, Windows 10, and MacOS computers.

How to Download MVS Pro for PC

First of all, you need to download MVS Pro File on your PC, it is an encrypted file. So, users download the file and then decrypt it. Afterward, they will be able to start the installation.

Double click on the MVS Pro executable file. Double click on the “Run” and “Allow Access options to allow the software to make changes to your computer.

At the CMS starter pack first Windows, make the appropriate selections, and then click on the Next option.

MVS Pro for pc 1

Select the destination folder where you want to install the CMS. Or, you can continue with the default location that is C Drive. Click on the Install option after selection.

MVS Pro for pc 2

The software will take due time to complete the installation procedure.

MVS Pro for pc 3

After the installation gets complete, click on the Finish button.

MVS Pro for pc 4

Now it’s time to log in to CMS.

Login to MVS Pro

You have to enter the default admin and password provided by the CMS. Users who are using this CMS for the first time have to register first/ Enter the password and again to confirm it.

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MVS Pro for pc 5

Creating a strong password is a must-have because it should be safe and hard to crack. Try making a password that contains all characters, numbers, alphabets of the upper cap, lower cap.

MVS Pro for pc 6

In the next step, you need to enter some hint questions and answers. If you forgot the password, answer to hint questions will help you to reset your password on MVS Pro.

MVS Pro for pc

Users who already account holders can log in to Watchnet Multisite Manager.

MVS Pro for pc 8

Once you logged in, the device manager of CMS will appear in front of you. Here you need to add the cameras to CMS. Click on the Add option.

MVS Pro for pc 9

On the second last screen, you need to enter the camera details such as Device Name, Method to add, IP/Domain, Port, Group Name, User Name, Password, etc

MVS Pro for pc 11

The final step of installing and configuration of MVS Pro for PC is here. You are ready to view the live video surveillance for PC.

MVS Pro for pc 12

What is MVS Pro for PC?

The MVS Pro is the content management system software developed by the WatchNet security company. This company was developed in 2000 and specializes in the field of manufacturing security tools with after services. MVS Pro CMS helps you to add different cameras to this single application from different remote spots. Users have to add these gadgets with their IPs.


  • MVS Pro App gives you a continuous view in real-time without any delay.
  • The Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) is 120dB and the range changes the foundation of the backlight of any image and gives clear pictures.
  • H.265+ is the video compression that saves storage and bandwidth capacity.
  • The MVS Pro camera resolution is on the higher side.
  • Users can also raise alarm by seeing some suspicious activity.
  • You get message alerts and alarms beep for you.
  • Rotation mode, submersion, brightness, contrast, Sharpness are adjustable by client programming or Web program.
  • The CMS is sensor-supported and it supports motion detection, voice detection, and temperature.
  • Users can easily monitor the pre-set sensitive areas so that whenever anyone enters those areas you get notifications.
  • This tool maintains multiple accounts and users can see playbacks, protect accounts, and take snaps.
  • The application upholds two-way audio.
  • You can pass the message to the fellow on the device end.
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That’s how you can install and use MVS Pro for Windows and Mac.

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