Download MXPRO for PC Windows 7/8/10/11 & Mac 11/12

Get MXPRO for PC Download through this tutorial and make your camera management easier at home or office.

CCTV Cameras smooth operating requires a good CMS/VMS or NMS. Even if you are using the IPC network still, it is essential that the software you are using must be effective, working, and stable. Such tools must get frequent updates from the developers.

Companies like HikVision, DAHUA, Honeywell work extremely well on their software for clients but more than 90% of CMS are good for nothing according to personal experience. That’s why we try to get the maximum of the best Camera Software for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS etc after a lot of research and testifications.

CCTV Teams has the aim to facilitate CCTV users as much as we can. Today, we brought another tool named MXPRO a brilliant yet simple Camera management tool for monitoring and controlling purposes.

We will guide you on how to download MXPRO for PC. According to our team experience, we always find CCTV monitoring/controlling on our PCs as compared to smartphones.

How to Download MX Pro for PC

So, there are multiple ways to download MXPRO For PC, this specific CMS is available on many file hosting platforms but less popular ones so, users find it difficult to get it. Luckily, we found the MXPRO Exe file from an authentic file host and we are giving the link to download it below.

Download for Windows

Installation tutorial

After the extraction of files and execution, you will see the setup language selection Window. We are continuing with English as it is familiar.

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At “Wellcome to the installer for CMS” Window, you have to click the Next button.

MX PRO for PC 2

At this step, users are required to select the desired destination folder, where they want to install the CMS? Or, users can continue with the default location which is as usual somewhere in C Drive. Click on the Next option after making your decision.


At the Ready to Install screen, click on the Next option.

MX PRO for PC 4

Right after you gone through the previous step, the software will start installation. Kindly don’t cancel the installation process.

MX PRO for PC 5

At the end, you need to click on the Finish option once the software successfully installed.

MX PRO for PC 6

Now its time to launch the CMS and login to it. At first, you need to select the Language. Again our preference is English and it is easy to understand for every person.

MX PRO for PC 7

Click on the User Name and password field and enter the Credentials. By the the default user name is super and there is no password set in stock. Instead, you can create a new one and save it for the future.


Now, probably the most important part is here and that is adding devices to CMS. At the CMS main screen, you have to add the devices. To add the device we have to click the ‘Add Device’ column from the homepage. The following page will appear.

Click on the Add device option and enter the following details,

  • Device Name
  • Select Login Type
  • IP Address
  • Port
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Zone
  • Vendor
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MX PRO for PC 11

After adding the device or devices successfully, you will see the Live camera results showing on the screen.

MX PRO for PC 12

That’s how you can install MXPRO for PC and make it ready for monitoring.


MXPRO is the good tool but for small scale and secondly MXPRO for PC is indirectly the XMEYE for PC. We already drafted the guide on that tool. Also, if someone want something premium, high end etc, then go for the Honeywell CMS for PC, Dahua for PC, iVMS 4500 for PC. Such tools are the top of the top, best of the bests. So, it surely makes a sense that you use such tools if you are operating a high end setup.

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