Download XV-EYE for PC, Windows, Mac [2022]

I present a guide to downloading XV-EYE for PC. If you are interested in accessing remote video surveillance services on your computer, keep reading the rest of this post. My article contains solutions to consult users of Windows & Mac devices, so they have the option of protecting their households from wherever they please.

How Do I Use XV-EYE for PC?

Truth be told, Windows and Mac users are required to implement different procedures to benefit from XV-EYE. Because the supported PC Client is only available for Windows PC. That’s why Mac users are required to consult with a third-party program to accomplish such a goal.

I have drafted separate solutions for Windows and Mac users.

XV-EYE on Windows PC

Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7
Developer Xvision
Processor Intel Core-i3 or above

Download for Windows

Note: Do remember to extract the compressed files, before launching the CMS Setup file. I have provided the download packages in zipped formats, that can be decompressed using WinZip or WinRAR.


  • After launching the CMS Installation Wizard, choose the features of the CMS and click on NextXV-EYE for PC
  • Select a folder destination of your choice by clicking on the Browse button and click on the Install button to proceed.XV EYE for Windows
  • Once the installation process is completed, click on the Close button to finish the installation.XV EYE on Windows PC


When you launch the CMS, it will ask you to choose a preffered language. Thereafter, it’ll take you directly to the login interface. As there aren’t any default user credentials provided by the developers, you have to create a username and password, as you please. Once done, click on the Ok button.XV-EYE Login

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  • From the main interface of the CMS, click on the “Add Device” button.XV EYE Configuration
  • On the newly appearing window, enter the device details and click on FinishXV-EYE Configuration

Live Footage

After completing the configuration process of the CMS, select your preffered camera from the right pane. Now, start viewing the camera feeds of selected devices within the left-sided tab. Depending upon your requirements, you are allowed to choose a live streaming mode from the on-screen buttons.XV-EYE Live Footage

XV-EYE for Mac

Mac and Windows users have the advantage of using programs like BlueStacks to emulate Android OS. They can install XV-EYE App for PC and start using it just like they do on a smartphone. And, if they get the right product, they will not have to bear the complications followed in emulating smartphone OS on a computer.XV-EYE for Mac

To get things started, download & install BlueStacks App Player. Once the emulator is installed and ready to use, launch it and allow it to redirect you to its home interface. Now, launch the Google Play Store on it and install XV-EYE to be used inside the emulator.


Q) What is XV-EYE?

A) XV-EYE provides remote video monitoring services to users who own surveillance devices. It provides a chance to keep an eye on the property 24/7, numerous services like two-way audio, video playback, low bit-stream, and multi-viewing are available for free. Users can claim such services directly from the app’s interface.

Q) Is Alarm Notification Supported?

A) Whenever your camera detects suspicious activity, it will send a signal to the app remotely. Afterward, you will receive a notification, notifying you about the previously encountered activity. So that you can take nesscary steps to keep your households and property protected.

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Q) How Many Cameras Can I Connect?

A) There’s no limit on connected cameras in XV-EYE. The developers allow you to connect as many cameras as you please. And, you can watch the live streams of connected cameras using a singular account and application.

That’s all, keep visiting CCTVTeam for similar guides.

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