Download Satvision Mobile PRO for PC, Windows, Mac [2022]

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help individuals download Satvision Mobile PRO for PC. So that every Satvision user becomes capable of connecting his surveillance devices with a computer. That’s why, I will introduce you to the official methods to install and configure the CMS, to watch the live camera streams on Windows or Mac devices.

How Do I Use Satvision Mobile PRO for PC?

You are required to get Satvision CMS to manipulate their surveillance from a computer. I have added links for Windows & Mac devices, you only need to download one file, depending upon your operating system (Windows or Mac). Afterward, perform the drafted steps to install and configure the Client.

Satvision CMS
Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac
RAM 3GB or above
Developer satvision
Processor Intel Core-i3 or Apple M1

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Note: Do remember to extract the compressed files, before launching the Satvision Setup file. I have provided the download packages in zipped formats, that can be decompressed using WinZip or WinRAR.


  • After launching the Setup file, click on the Browse button for customization of folder destination (Optional) and click on NextSatvision Setup
  • Choose which CMS shortcuts you would like to create (desktop and quick launch) and hit NextSatvision CMS
  • Once you have reviewed the previously made selections, click on InstallSatvision Mobile PRO for PC
  • From there, check the Launch Satvision box and click on the Finish button.Satvision Mobile PRO for Windows


The CMS will launch automatically, and it will take you directly to the registration interface. Your job is to designate a strong password to your account so that no one else sneaks a peek into your private CMS activities. After the password is designated, type “admin” inside the username field and use your password, before clicking on the Login button.Satvision Login

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  • Once the CMS is launched and you are navigated to its main interface, click on the Device Manager icon (present at the top bar)Satvision Configuration
  • Now, type your device details inside the perspective fields and click on the Add Device button.Satvision Mobile PRO for Mac

Live Footage

After configuring the devices successfully, you need to choose your preffered devices from the left pane. Thereafter, start viewing the camera feeds of the selected devices in the right pane. Some onscreen tools are available for your convenience, like multi-view and fast rewind, that can be enabled during live feeds.Satvision Live Footage

FAQs About Satvision Mobile PRO

Q) What is Satvision Mobile PRO?

A) Satvision Mobile PRO is designed to help individuals access remote video surveillance services. This application is designed to help individuals connect their cameras and digital recorders with a smartphone and PC. So by using the provided services, they take full control of the video monitoring services from anywhere they please.

Q) Does Satvision Provides a User Guide?

A) Yes, that’s one beauty of using Satvision applications. The manufacturers have provided user guides with their apps, so that novice users can fully understand the procedures required to configure or edit a device’s settings. Guides for different menus are available within Satvision Mobile PRO, to help consumers complete preffered tasks without the help of professionals.

Q) Does Satvision CMS Supports Motion Detection?

A) You will be amazed by the way Motion detection works for Satvision devices. Because the supported cameras come with a motion detection facility by default and the alarm notifications are enabled within the app. So whenever the cameras detect any suspicious activity, they send signals to the connected app.

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So if a user hasn’t disabled an alarm notification, he gets to receive an instant alert. The received notification describes the nature of the alarm bieng triggered with a clip that’s captured by the installed cameras. So that a user can perform mandatory steps to secure his property from invaders.

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