Download HiviewHD for PC, Windows, Mac (2022)

Read the following post to download HiviewHD for PC. I have written a proper solution for individuals willing to benefit from Azking Co. Ltd. surveillance devices from a computer. I will provide a CMS file that can help accomplish such a goal. So if you are interested in completing such a task, read the following section.

How Do I Use HiviewHD for PC?

Users require the assistance of a surveillance client to take advantage of HiviewHD on their PC. They need to download and install the required files. Afterward, configure the devices with the CMS, to make them functional, to become able to manipulate them from their computer.

Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac
Developer Azking co., Ltd.
Processor Intel Core-i3 or Mac M1

Download for Windows

Download for Windows

Notice: Do remember to extract the compressed files, before launching the surveillance_client Setup file. I have provided the download packages in zipped formats, that can be decompressed using WinZip or WinRAR.


Here’s the procedure to install surveillance_client on Windows and Mac PC:

  • After launching the setup file, click on the Next button from the welcome interface of the installation wizard.HiviewHD Installation
  • On the next interface, click on the Browse button to select a folder destination of your choice and hit NextHiviewHD Setup
  • Now, choose which of the CMS shortcuts you would like to create for your convenienceHiviewHD for PC
  • After reviewing the previously made selections, click on the Install button.HiviewHD for Windows
  • The wizard will start to install the CMS files, so you need to wait until it’s done.HiviewHD for Mac
  • At last, check the Launch Surveillance_client box and hit FinishHiviewHD
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Once you have successfully installed the CMS, wait until you are redirected to its login interface. You are allowed to use the default username i.e; Admin and designate a password of your choice or leave the password field blank. Now, click on the Login button to proceed to the client’s control panel.HiviewHD Login


  • Click on the Group Device Management tab from the client’s dashboard.HiviewHD Dashboard
  • Enter the preffered device details and click on the Add button.HiviewHD Configuration

Main View

After configuring the devices successfully, you can navigate back to the client’s dashboard. Now, select the Main View tab to start to live streaming the camera feeds. All the nesscary live streaming manipulation icons are provided inside this section, you can choose the preffered facility to enable it, during the live footage.HiviewHD Main View

FAQs About HiviewHD

Q) What is HiviewHD?

A) HiviewHD is designed to help individuals who own Azking surveillance devices. It delivers an easy solution for users willing to live stream the camera feeds remotely. Once the camera devices are configured with the app, users can watch and manipulate the presented live streams, as they please.

Various good services like video recording, remote playback, two-way audio, and screenshots are added by the developers. And, users get to claim such facilities, without having to pay any additional charges.

Q) Are PTZ Cameras Supported?

A) Yes, the PTZ cameras are supported by the HiviewHD app. And for a user’s convenience, the developers have added an onscreen joystick. So, they can control the movements of the cameras, while bieng about to zoom in/out, without having to be bothered by any incompatibility issues.

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Q) Is Alarm Sensing Available in Night Vision?

A) Gladly, the alarms are triggered by the cameras in any situation. And yes, during the night vision or where the light contrast is low, the alarms get triggered. This means that the triggering of alarms and detection of suspicious activities doesn’t depend upon the modes of the camera. They can be triggered whenever they detect any harmful activity.

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