Download XR960-CMS for PC, Windows, Mac (2022)

The following post helps you recognize the proper way to use XR960-CMS for PC. So you can benefit from the XR960-CMS PC Client, without having to consult with any third-party programs. That’s why I have decided to deliver my guide for the consumers of Windows & Mac devices, to help them claim the services of this surveillance client.

How Do I Use XR960-CMS for PC?

Individuals need to get the official file of the XR960-CMS PC Client and make it work on their computers. They need to properly install and configure it on their system, to make it fully functional. So in the following sections, I will be delivering a proper channel, to help my readers benefit from this software on their Windows & Mac PC.

XR960-CMS PC Client
Operating System Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac
Developer Xvision
Processor Intel Core-i3 or Mac M1

Download for Windows

Download for Windows

Notice: Do remember to extract the compressed files, before launching the XR960-CMS Setup file. I have provided the download packages in zipped formats, that can be decompressed using WinZip or WinRAR.


After executing the Setup file of XR960-CMS, perform the following steps to install it on your system:

  • From the welcome interface of the wizard, click on the Next button.XR960-CMS Setup
  • Choose a folder destination to meet the requirements and proceedXR960 CMS PC Client
  • Select what kind of shortcut icons, you would like to create for ease of use.XR960-CMS for PC
  • Preview the previously made selections, and click on the Install button.XR960 CMS for Windows
  • Wait until the process of installation is completed.XR960 CMS for Mac
  • Once completed, check the Launch XR960-CMS checkbox and hit FinishXR960 CMS
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The CMS will launch by itself and take you directly to its login interface. Your job is to use a default username, i.e; Admin and leave the password field blank. Now click on the login button to proceed to its dashboard. Else, you are also allowed to designate a strong password to secure your account.XR960-CMS Login



  • From the home interface of the CMS, go to the Device tab and click on the + icon to add a new deviceXR960 CMS Dashboard
  • Fill in the empty fields and click on the Ok button to successfully add your surveillance device.XR960-CMS Configuration

Live View

After configuring the devices, navigate back to the home instance of XR960-CMS and choose a device from the left pane. The live feed of the selected device will start to appear within the client’s main interface. You can manipulate it, as you please, with the help of the onscreen buttons.XR960-CMS Live View

FAQs About XR960-CMS

Q) What is XR960-CMS?

A) XR960-CMS is designed to help owners of Xvision surveillance devices, by allowing them to manipulate the camera feeds remotely. It lets them configure their surveillance devices from wherever they please. And, all of its features are provided for free, users are not required to pay a single penny to facilitate themselves from XR960-CMS.

Q) What Live Streaming Tools are Available?

A) Several live streaming options are provided by the manufacturers. For instance, two-way audio, video playback, PTZ control, and push notifications are the main tools provided for every user. In addition, the app works intelligently, by letting consumers access the real-time camera feeds without any delay problems.

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Q) Where Can I Record my Videos?

A) By using the XR960-CMS PC Client, users get multiple options of recording videos from the live feeds. They can either save the videos to local storage or directly to the network recorders (NVRs). Further, if they want to create a backup of their private live feeds, they are provided with the option of exporting the preferred files, directly to the Cloud server.

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