Download Antistalker for PC, Windows, Mac [2022]

Quick Answer:

  • First, you need to download the BlueStacks Android Emulator if you are installing Antistalker mobile version for PC. Otherwise, you can download the Windows or Mac Client on your PC.
  • After BlueStacks is installed on your Windows or Mac. You need to Log in using your Gmail account.
  • Open Google Play in BlueStacks and download the Antistalker on your PC.

I have made a simple step-by-step guide in order for you to learn how to download and install Antistalker on a PC running Windows or Mac.

Does Antistalker Android App works on PC:

It does I have tried it. But to be honest, I cannot say it works perfectly because sometimes it does work and sometimes it does not. Using an Android emulator on a PC does provide an Android ecosystem.

But that doesn’t mean it works without any flaws. However, as I said most of the time Android CCTV apps do work and you can easily use them on a PC.

About Antistalker:

Antistalker for PC

🔐 Get Antistalker to protect your privacy. It notifies you when and which apps send data to the Internet or when you use your device’s camera or microphone. Antistalker scans your device for spyware, tracker data, and root the device.

⭐ FREE FEATURES: Provides instant notifications when using your camera or microphone.
Gives microphone and camera usage time.
Detects and names apps that access your sensors without your permission.
✓ Checks permissions of installed apps.
✓ Whitelist the apps you trust, and add them to the exceptions list.
✓ Swipe left on any discovery to add the discovered app to the whitelist, or to report it.
✓ Flexible Notifications: Choose when you want to be notified User-friendly design.

🛡 Distinguished Features of Advanced Protection: Security Scan: Detects any apps identified as spyware or apps that communicate with data trackers or suspicious domains. Indicates which apps are not available in the Google Play Store and if your device is rooted. Get a full report on discoveries and solve any problems!
✓ Data Monitoring: It protects your device with a local VPN and monitors when and which apps send data to the Internet. It enables you to block data sent to specific countries and control when apps send data.
✓ Data Insights: By clicking on reveal data, you can now see where the data is being sent.
✓ Prevent applications from sending data to the Internet when you are not using them to protect against spyware. Spyware is a hidden threat to your data.
✓ VPN acts as a shield to protect your privacy. The VPN on the device does not pass your data through any server on the Internet.
✓ Mute your microphone: Don’t let any spyware app or software record you without your knowledge. It automatically unmutes the microphone when you’re on a call!
✓ Root Checker: Check if your phone is rooted or is vulnerable to misconfigured security policies.
✓ Anti-theft alarm: When you charge your device in public places. When enabled, the alarm is activated when someone moves your phone or removes it from the phone charger. Protect the security of your device.
Full report on data disclosures and data blocking attempts over time.

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How an on-device VPN works: Antistalker runs an on-device VPN (and around) on (and around) your phone so it can monitor where apps are sending data and let you block them. All the data your device sends to the Internet passes through this private network. This private network is local, so compared to traditional VPN apps, your data is not collected by any server. While using the Data Monitor feature and the local VPN, you may notice that Antistalker is sending a lot of data – this is a misleading indicator – the fact is that the data is passed through the app for monitoring. This data is never collected and sent to servers by Antistalker.

📃 Privacy Statement Antistalker is a maintainer of privacy and does not collect any personal data. The app is also ad-free, like all our apps!

Make sure to update your app frequently to take advantage of improvements and new features.

Developed by Malloc – Take back your privacy!

Please send us your feedback about any bugs and feature requests at

Source: Google Play

Should I Download BlueStacks or Nox Player? Is it Safe?

I have been using BlueStacks and Nox app player for quite some time. I have never faced any issue regarding Security or privacy. So I can say, that it’s safe to download both.

But there is a point I would like to address. Keep that in mind, if you have a low-end PC or Laptop. I would suggest going for lite Android emulators because BlueStacks has its own core engine and it does eat up a lot of resources.

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Thus, your system will start lagging, slowing up, and also it will freeze up too. Other than that, there is no issue whatsoever.

Download Android Emulator for Windows and Mac:

As I have told you before that there is no direct way to install Android apps on a PC. So you will require an Android emulator for this specific purpose. You can download Android Emulator from the following links. One link is for BlueStacks and the other one is for Nox.

How to Install BlueStacks and Nox on a Windows or Mac PC:

Heed the instructions below and you will learn how you can install and configure BlueStacks and Nox. Installing and configuring both emulators is very simple. It feels the same as setting up an Android device.

  1. Download the EXE file from the link given above. Mac users, need to download the DMG file.
  2. After that start the installation wizard, at this time you don’t have to do anything.
  3. Once the installation is completed, you will be asked to enter an active Gmail ID.
  4. Enter the credentials of your Gmail ID to proceed with the configuration.

This method is for both BlueStacks and Nox. Now you know how to install an Android emulator and I think it is time to tell you how to download and install Antistalker for PC.

Download and Install Antistalker for PC Windows and Mac: [ Android Version ]

Now you need to make sure the app you are installing doesn’t have a PC client. Because if it does have a PC client then you don’t have to go through with all this. All you have to do is download the PC client and install it.

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Let’s get started, now.

Installing an Android app on a PC is similar to installing an app on an Android device. Functionality is identical, you will use Google Play Store to Install Antistalker for PC.

✅ First you need to make sure that either BlueStacks or Nox is Installed and configured properly on your Mac or PC.

✅ After that you need to open BlueStacks and head over to the main screen which is also known as the home screen.

✅ Here you will find the Google Play Store icon. It will be similar to what it is on an Android device. Don’t worry you will easily find it.

✅ Once you do, click on the Google Play icon and wait for it to load up. It may take some time to load up, once it does, click on the search bar and type Antistalker, hit enter.

✅ On the next screen you will be presented with a list of all the apps containing Antistalker as a name. Choose the one you want to download and click on its name.

✅ You will be then taken to the App info page. Where you will see the download button. Click on the download button and your downloading will be started.

Once the downloading and installing of Antistalker on a PC is finished, you will be notified.

That’s all. This is how you can download Antistalker for PC. Just follow the instructions provided above and you will be able to use Antistalker on PC Windows and Mac.

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